Have You Seen? {June 27th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Refresh

Refresh, Recalibrate by Monica F—”That was almost seven years ago now. After an extensive Sabbatical, I made a point of learning rhythms of grace that encouraged regular times of refreshment, where I ‘check out’ and recalibrate my inner busy-body to the steady and constant beat of my Father’s heart.”

Second Star to the Right {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”Claire and Connor are from Neverland. Peter was jealous of their magical connection to the place, and he brought them to the real world and abandoned them. But for some reason Neverland couldn’t survive without them, so he tried to get them back, but Claire didn’t believe.”

Fifteen Minutes Matter by Jenny Erlingsson—”That movement brought momentum. Taking me out of my comfort to bring perspective, the burden lifting with each step as I expanded my vision. I stared out over those waters and remembered the promises that God had given me specifically for my children.”

The Refreshing by Stephanie Prater-Clarke—”I opened the screen to my sliding glass door, the mist from the showers finding its way onto my skin. The unbearable heat of the day was waning as steadily as the sweat on my brow and I couldn’t help but marvel at this timely gift from the Good Father.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Sabbath means to rest, to cease work or striving. It is an opportunity to trust the One who flung the stars into the sky and paused to delight in His creation. So we too work and rest, delighting in God’s good gifts to us.

This pause has been built into our annual rhythms for a long time now and we look forward to it. For a whole week (June 28 to July 3) we will give space for quiet, contemplation and rest with no blog posts or social media posts, silencing comments and activities in the Velvet Ashes community.

What delights and replenishes you? Instead of using the time you would normally be interacting with our community for other things, perhaps you might intentionally rest and refresh your body, soul and spirit.

 If you need some direction on Sabbath, you can look back at previous posts on the topic HERE.

Let’s write a book together! A long-time dream has been to see a book birthed out of the stories and experiences of the women in this community. And now the opportunity is here. Want to learn more? Click on the image to download our Writer’s Submission Packet!

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