Have You Seen? {June 28th, 2020}

Did you miss the live webinar this week on loss and hope? You can still purchase access to the recording! Check it out HERE.

Last Week’s Theme: Returning

Back to the Shire by Monica F—”Perhaps relieved to be home, free from the demands of their superhobbit journey, they realize no one else could even come close to understanding what they had experienced or how they had changed.”

Thankfulness {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”She finally reached the Old Man of the Moon, and she read the word in the Book of Fortune, ‘Thankfulness,’ written over and over again. I stopped reading at this point, looked at my kids, and exclaimed, ‘That must be what was written on the paper of happiness!’ “

Re-entry is Not a Returning by Joy Smalley—”I thought I’d have words of wisdom about re-entry after two years back stateside. It’s a surprise and a disappointment to me that I am still struggling to find my footing again. I still feel disconnected, uprooted, confused, longing for stability.”

How Priests and Pitchforks are Helping Me Return by Maria Mullet—”There’s so much coming at you, at a speed you are powerless to control. You’re safely set into the environment you were aiming for, yet feeling misplaced. The pile above you seems endless, heavy and filled both with the nourishment and protection you need and blocking you from the oxygen and sunshine that are necessary for life.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Does your heart need space to slow down, rest, and process?

Enter Sabbath.

In her book Rhythms of Renewal, Rebekah Lyons said, “Taking a rest isn’t a sign of weakness. Yet our culture whispers the opposite: if we try harder, work smarter, make the right career moves…we just might live a life of significance. But God declares that we are already chosen, beloved, appointed, and set apart.”

So out of our belovedness we rest. We pause. We Sabbath.

This next week will be quiet here at Velvet Ashes as we create this extra space. There won’t be any blog posts or social media posts, and we hope that this will be a special time as we Sabbath together. Let’s intentionally pursue rest and refreshment this week!

If you need some direction on Sabbath, you can look back at previous posts on the topic HERE.

What do you think?

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