Have You Seen? {March 13, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

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Last Week’s Theme: 

Rest, Breathe, and Receive by Emily Smith—”I could have closed myself off. I could have chosen to hold back my heart, my mistakes, and even my joy. The connection group was not a magic pill or the solution to my problems. If I had looked at it that way, I surely would have walked away disappointed. It was not about some members giving and some members receiving. Rather, it was about all of us authentically showing up and letting God pour into us out of His abundance.”

What-if I Live Without Trying to Control Life? {Book Club} by Amy Young—”We can relate to the what-if so much, can’t we? What if all the pressures of this life overseas, this life of service put too much strain on my marriage? What if I end up never getting married? What if support doesn’t come in? What if, what if, what if?”

My Moses Experience {Connection Group Sign-up Open} by Laura Rowley—”You see, I was learning it’s not about always having an answer. It’s not about making the pain go away. It’s not about fixing it. Sometimes, it’s about holding space for someone. Sometimes, it’s about pleading for mercy. Sometimes, it’s about saying, “Me, too,” or, “I know what that is like.”

A Cord of Three Strands by Karen Huber—”You might remember an article from The Culture Blend late last year. Writer Jerry Jones dissected the never-ending transition of overseas workers and expat transplants known as Goers, Stayers and Newbies. If you’re like me and the 94 commenters on the article, I’m guessing his thoughts resonated with you, too.”

Three Ways International Work Changed How I Make Friends {The Grove: Friendship} by Kimberly Todd—”A Facebook friend recently posted this article from the New York Times. It’s about the “quotidian familiarity” possible in female friendships as compared to the expectations of a romantic relationship or marriage. A takeaway is the idea that it could be good practice to mark and celebrate our intimate female friendships and the roles we play for one another with anniversary-like regularity and intent.”

From Around the Web

So much goodness this week!

Out of the Pit and Back Again.

“I am a homemaker. My husband is an M helicopter pilot. A while back we had a “How was your day?” conversation that went like this…” It’s Not That I Don’t Try.

Great timing with last week’s theme: Global Friendships.

Short video: Cute kids recite adult-MK quotes. 

First Term Discoveries.

When Your TCK Grieves, You Do Too.

This is not what I signed up for.

We Have No Keys. Again.

Finally, leading us into next week’s theme, we have: Willing to be weary. 

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.

We know the drill. He created time and space and water and land and animals and birds and people.

It was good.

In fact, humans were very good.

We, the very beings he breathed life into, are made in him image. We were made to create. We were made to appreciate creation—both the natural world and the made world.

This week, we are going to play with, dance around, even sit with the idea of art.

How is your life an expression of art? Have has living overseas expanding your understand of art? How has it influenced your ability to practice your art? What doors have been closed (let’s face it, a harp may be hard to move) and what doors have opened?

In the beginning God created. And we bear his image. Enjoy thinking about art, looking for artistic ways to express yourself, and the way art feeds us. See you at The Grove — you know the drill :). It begins Thursday 6pm EST.

What do you think?

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