Have You Seen? {March 14th, 2021}

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This community is made up of women living all over the world, in many different stages and seasons, yet we all center around the commonalities of cross-cultural life. One of our favorite things is getting to share your words and stories through blog posts!

We are opening up a new round of themes! All the details about submission guidelines and prompts can be found on our Submissions Page.

Last Week’s Theme: Division

Fostering Unity in Overseas Community by Amber Taube—”Slipping into the crowd, anxiety took the place nerves had occupied in my heart moments before. While new acquaintances graciously sought to know me, I interpreted their probing queries as an interview process to determine if I fit in and if I could stay.”

Do You Know You Are Enough? {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”There’s something really beautiful about men and women who know they are enough. I think it opens the door for vulnerability and compassion. It shifts the way we treat each other and celebrate and mourn with each other.”

The Coexisting Nature of Division and Unity by Joy Smalley—”The goal of unity is not a goal of fusing together, it is a goal of healthy interaction between multiple, individual parts. In this way, division and unity coexist beautifully and if we can hold our boundaries secure and our roots deep in God’s love, we are free to unify with each other in a flow that both interconnects us but does not consume us.”

Divide and Conquer by Stephanie Prater-Clarke—” So let’s be real here. In the midst of all that the past year has unraveled, it’s been real easy to point fingers at elected leaders or political parties or media personalities or the next door neighbor. It’s been easy to get into heated arguments with family and friends, strangers and even a brother or sister in Christ.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Photo by Lukas on Unsplash

A safe harbor provides protection, a place of security and rest. And that is the gift we want to give to our community.

It is the gift you give to each other when you create a safe place to share the joys and sorrows, high and lows and everyday ordinary in-between of cross-cultural life.

It is the gift found in our unchanging God, who promises over and over in Scripture to be our shelter, our rock.

Does your heart need safe harbor? What are you clinging to right now?

Join us as we launch registration for our online Connection Groups this week, and confidently cling to our Savior who secures us in His safe harbor no matter what the storm.



Connection Group registration opens next week! Click on the button to check out all the groups we are offering this session.

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