Have You Seen? {March 19, 2017}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Participation

Get the Party Started by Danielle Krouch—”That first wedding taught me a lot about what it means to participate in a Cambodian wedding. They were, of course, happy that we came and were involved, but I discovered that to show my support and fully participate, I was going to have to jump in all the way. So for my next wedding, I walked to the nearest salon, sat down in the chair and told them I was going to a wedding party. I tried not to freak out as the beautician squealed with glee at the prospect of making me a more glamorous version of myself. After some caked on foundation, drawn in dark eyebrows, glittery fake eyelashes, and crimped hair, I was declared ready to attend the wedding.”

Equally Yet Uniquely Invited {Book Club} by Amy Young—”I also think of people near and dear to me and wonder what “getting well” looks like for them. Another round of major depression knowing this most likely will not be the last. Adjusting to life with your husband buried in the ground. Still not getting married or pregnant or the fussy eater making every meal a battle. What does “getting well” look like in each instance? I don’t know. But I think God is inviting each of us to sit with these questions. He is not interested in shallow or quick answers.”

The Space He Meets Me by Elizabeth Pflederer—”And this is the tension: that my body dwells here but I do not quite—at all—fit. I do things that other women my age don’t. I work inside. I read. I bring a pen to church. I bake chocolate chip cookies. I ride my own bicycle. It’s just as true that I don’t do things that women my age do. I don’t own a field and read the skies and sow seeds. I do not set my pot to boil on a triangle of three rocks. I don’t care for babies I bore young. I don’t have my sisters next door. I don’t go to the well to hear and tell news. I don’t go hungry this time of year.”

The Courage to Show Up by Ruth Lemmen—”I generally want to do things perfectly (or at least well) or not do them at all. This is not the best mindset for learning a language or a culture. You can’t learn a language or participate in a new culture without making some mistakes or having some memorable moments. And that’s where I need the challenge to show up and let myself be seen.”

Participating to Change Eternity + Creamy Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta {The Grove: Participation} by Ashley Felder—”Our team of foreigners comes from a country where you can voice your opinions, and if you’re loud enough, you can get people moving and perhaps get something done. But in this foreign country, we are silenced. We can’t share our opinions, or we may make someone lose face. We can’t be part of any movement because, well, we’re outsiders, and that would raise some major red flags, even if the movement was for something good. Some people may get a foot in the door every now and then, but it usually takes years of building relationships. It’s easy to focus on all that we can’t take part in as foreigners, but the things we can do could change eternity.”

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .

We have been invited.

We have participated.

This week we will follow.

We are followers of Christ. We try and follow cultural norms. We follow our organization policies.

But sometimes, we can’t follow. Sometimes what we are being asked to do is in blatant opposition to God’s instructions in the Bible. Others it goes against a personal conviction. What does it mean to follow? When it is appropriate to quietly not follow? When do we need to more publicly either follow or not follow?

As we spend time exploring the idea of “follow,” join the discussion this week in the comments, on Instagram using #VelvetAshesParticipate, and then at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST. Bring your blog posts to link up.

What do you think?

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