Have You Seen? {March 1st, 2020}

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Last Week’s Theme: Even Though

The Company We Keep by Denise Beck—”At Velvet Ashes, we know that where you are can feel lonely. Your “even though” friends may be continents away. Each year we plan and prepare to close that gap for you through our online content. And once a year we do that in a big way. The Velvet Ashes Retreat is coming soon!”

All Courage. All Strength. All Light. {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi —”Annalena was an amazing and extremely unusual person. The main lesson I learn from her is that I have so much room to love people more and so much need for humility and understanding as I relate to others.”

Even Though He Has the Words… He Sits in Silence by Joy Smalley—”When I close my eyes and enjoy the quiet, my God is always there. It’s funny, even when I’m angry at him or when he is procrastinating too much for me, I conjure him up in my mind the same way. He sits near me cross-legged or with his legs stretched out and he is always silent, a look of peace on his face, as though he finds my presence satisfying.”

Celebrating His Goodness in the Land of the Giants by Sarah Hilkemann —”As I look back now at each retreat, even though there were circumstances and years that were less than ideal, I see His goodness. I see the ways He met me right where I was, sweat pouring down and mingling with tears as I knelt before Him in surrender.”

From Burn to Release by Monica F—”When I suffered from burnout I felt tight, paralyzed, almost trapped. Was I living freely and lightly? Was I treading on the heights like a deer? No. Like the results of untreated scars from a burn, I was living with all sorts of emotional and spiritual contractures that kept me from moving freely.”

Come Join the Celebration by Velvet Ashes Team —”So what do you think? Are you ready to celebrate the hope you have in God no matter what season you are in? Are you ready to get away with Him, right where you are? Learn more about the Velvet Ashes Retreat.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Philippians 4:4 Always be full of joy in the Lord. I will say it again—rejoice!

Apparently, we must be reminded. These words need to become the repeat soundtrack in our minds and hearts.

Joy is our response to all those “even thoughs” we talked about last week. Joy is our claim when it makes no sense based on our circumstances because we rejoice in the God of our salvation, the source of our strength and hope.

How are you rejoicing this season? Is it easy at the moment, or a slow and steady act of obedience in rebellion against the darkness?

Let’s rejoice together! What are you praising the Father for? How can we help praise Him right alongside of you in the not-so-easy times?

We would love to have you interact with us on the topic of rejoicing. Find our community on Instagram, and join in using the hashtag #velvetashes or #velvetashesrejoice. Read the blog posts this week and add your thoughts in the comments. May you be full of joy in the Lord!

What do you think?

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