Have You Seen {April 3, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: What If

What if You Could Change Your Story by Mary DeMuth—”We have to give God space to re-write our stories. He is the Author and Perfecter of our faith, after all. Yes, I may have been a victim. I may have obeyed as the good little girl. I may have been stolen from. All true. But today, I no longer have to play the role of victim. With God’s resurrection strength, I can play the role of protector, truth-teller, healing-agent. What Satan meant for utter destruction, God can mean for redemption, not only of me, but for those He encircles me with.”

The Melody and Notes of Your Opus {Book Club} by Amy Young—”When you are called to a life of service, what does it mean to succeed? What does it mean to fail? And how much should our feelings be our guide? Feelings are not bad—and often can be used to guide us!—but they are not supreme.”

Looking Back on a Sudden Disaster by M’Lynn Taylor—”‘So this is how I die,’ is the last thing I remember thinking before hearing that awful metal crashing and the pop of the airbag. ‘I’m pregnant!’ I began screaming as I realized I still had life in me and scrambled out of my mangled pick-up. I knew I had to stay calm for the baby’s sake. I prayed aloud that God would send me an angel. Next thing I knew . . . ”

What If You Don’t Know the Answer + Homemade Donuts! by Ashley Felder—”Just the other day, I was hosting an English corner. There were 13 faces staring at me, holding onto my every word. Intertwined with fear of judgment is the fear of not knowing the right things to say. When you’re the “expert,” this is a bad combination. I knew these hesitations about myself, so I was attempting to be prepared, but also knowing that the random questions would still come.”

What Realm Are You Living In? {The Grove: What-if} by Amy Young—”What if the What-ifs isn’t the real question, the real question is what Realm do you live in. Do you live in the Orphan Realm or do you live in the Freedom Realm?”

From Around the Web

What a concussion taught me by Amber Haines (author of January’s book club book).

Infidelity on the M Field.


Simplicity in Presence.

I Resisted Winter and Missed the Renewal of Spring.

Finally, 5 Resources on Honor and Shame . . . which leads us to next week’s theme.

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


What is the first thing that comes to mind when you read the theme for this week: Crave? Don’t overthink it. Pop the first bubble that surfaces. What’s in there? Don’t judge the thing. Just notice it.

Maybe it’s a deep soul craving for rest and renewal, silence and solitude, or community and connection.

It could be an appetite for food, sex, or sleep.

Maybe it’s a need exposed by your host culture.

It could be a longing linked to your identity.

Is it time oriented? A desire to make time stand still or to Speed. It. Up.

What we crave reveals the Imago Dei in us. How we deal with our cravings turns us toward a generous manna-giving God, or disintegrates our truest selves and distances us from God, others, and nature.

Our hope is that acknowledging what you are craving positions you at the feet of Christ and prepares you to encounter God intimately during the Velvet Ashes Retreat.

Link up at The Grove beginning at 6pm EST on Thursday. Bring your thoughts, stories, pictures and art for Crave.

What do you think?

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