Have You Seen? {March 21st, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Safe Harbor

Embracing True Safety by Amber Taube—”Remembering any source of worldly comfort can never do what Jesus has done, let us choose Him every time.”

Durable Joy {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”I’m not some super-human that can run on coffee and endless days of doing. Rest means letting go of a need to control all the minutia and bringing people along with me for the journey.”

The Gift of Connection by Megan Ingvoldstad—”He replaced the feelings of loneliness with a safe place to grow and be welcomed, a community of women who share in my life and who anchor my soul back to God.”

Buoyed by Grace by Theresa Bloom—”Propelled by security in Christ, there is no need to fear the dangers we face—living in kindness and in grace reminds us of what we have with Christ, and it is just the kind of welcome into the safe harbor that someone else might need.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

In many ways, masks keep us safe—from pollution, from cold, from germs. But we also wear masks that shield our hearts from hurt. We put up a façade of perfection or strength or whatever we believe those around us want to see. 

Community requires vulnerability and that is not easy. 

Do you allow yourself to take off your masks with people? Does it ever feel like you have protection around your heart in your relationship with God?

We just love the real talk, friends! Come join us for this conversation.


Retreat can help us uncover those parts of our hearts that need the Father’s tender attention. Would you join us?

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