Have You Seen? {March 22, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

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(The answer’s at the bottom. Be prepared to let out a woot, woot!)

Last Week’s Theme: Role

 Define Your Role as Servant by Lauren Pinkston — “We weren’t called to be great. We weren’t set apart to be admired. We were commanded to lay down our lives. We were asked to become the least of these.”

The Relationship Between Tattoos and the Shema {Book Club} by Amy Young — “Even if you’re not a tattooing girl on the outside, we are each tattoo gals on the inside. What you have tattooed on your heart about yourself is what you will believe and live out. Even if it’s a lie. God knew this and gave the Israelites the Shema as a constant reminder (dare I say tattoo) of the truth he wanted as default heart whispers.”

What To Do About Women’s Roles by Elizabeth Trotter — “What I am saying is that the shackles of expectations we feel both externally from others and internally from ourselves are too Heavy. What I am saying is that Jesus wants to free us from the burdensome expectations of people and that the yoke He offers us is Light, much lighter than the yoke others would place upon us.”

 More than Just A +1 by Karen Huber — “Our field leader was popping over for tea and to map out our first year back in Ireland after home assignment. My husband had a clear vision for what his role would entail and I was in a slight panic. It’s not that I didn’t know what my role would be. It was that I was about to surprise even myself.”

Roles and Goals {The Grove: Role} by Kimberly Todd and Sunny Blancato — “I start off by looking at the various roles I have in my season of life. First and foremost I am a daughter of the King. This is my primary identity and does not change with life’s seasons. Then I am wife, mom, employee, teammate, family-member, etc. Some of these roles rarely change, but others are likely to change in the midst of transition.”

From Around the Web

Dear Women, There Are Many Ways to Lead a Good Life” This from Nancy Ortberg is a perfect way to top off our conversation on roles this week.

Shelly Miller and her family have finally been able to move overseas after an unexpected delays (We get it, don’t we!). She shares When Everything and Nothing Changes.

Moving, whether locations, for Home Assignment, or to transition to or from the field was a common theme this week. What does it mean to have a typical furlough?  This one looks at the spiritual discipline of itinerancy. And Elizabeth’s husband shares 10 things flying taught him about M work.

Our own Jessica Hoover shares 5 Easter Resources.

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…



Do you feel sent by God to where you’re living?  What does that mean for you?

For some of us, a calling to a place or a people or just to the nations seemed part of our DNA from the beginning.  We were born to live there.  And for others of us, we had to receive a divine, undeniable sign that yes, in fact, God was sending us to a place we never in a million years would have imagined ourselves actually living.

Where do you fall in the spectrum?

For those who are married, has your sense of being sent by God been equally shared by you and your husband?  Or has one felt it more strongly?  How do you deal with that?

How about the whole dynamic of our lives that involves being sent by people?  Those dear ones that believe in what we’re doing and sacrifice to give so we can be where we are.

How does that affect our lives?  Do you feel a pressure to perform?  To produce results?  How openly do you share with them?

Has anyone else ever not shared your amazing vacation pictures because you felt weird about your supporters seeing that?

What kind of expectations does this put in our lives because we are sent by God and by people?

Clearly, we’ve got a lot to process together this week!

Join us in the conversations happening throughout the week.  Write your own posts about the prompt “Sent” and bring it to link up at The Grove, beginning Thursday 6pm EST.  See you there!


Photo Credit : Gratisography

Number of countries represented in the Velvet Ashes Retreat so far: 44. Woot, woot!

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  1. Elizabeth March 21, 2015

    Thank you for sharing Nancy Ortberg’s post! Fits in so well with this past week’s theme 🙂

    My friend Whitney used to live in Cambodia, and she just published this post today. Thought you might like it — http://www.journey-mercies.com/blog/2015/3/comparisongame


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