Have You Seen? {March 28th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Unmasked

To Know and Be Known by Beth Barthelemy—”Of course, I know the intellectual answer to this question. Yes, God is my Creator, as the catechism reminds my children and me in our school day. Of course he knows me. He is my Redeemer, understanding the depths of sin in my soul and rescuing me through Christ.”

What Story Are We Telling? {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”While I fully believe in the power of forgiveness and grace, I also feel like there’s a limit, or boundaries that need to be put around this idea. We cannot use grace to justify evil or explain away the choice to do wrong. There are simply people who are not safe, for ourselves or our mental and emotional health, for our children.”

Let Your Heart Exhale by Monica F—”It was always one thing after another: Jesus constantly endured insults, attention, questions, and demands by the people around him. He was pushed and pulled in all sorts of directions, in all sorts of crises with great expectations. In all of this, Jesus did not shy away from being vulnerable.

Unmasking the Beautiful by Stephanie Prater-Clarke—”But I also knew that I didn’t want to keep living in this space of constant anxiety and that, in order to overcome it, I had to become like the clay – willing to be malleable in the hands of the Potter. Willing to trust Him to reveal the beautiful He’d already designed in His creation.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Photo by Victoria Poveda on Unsplash

Stay here, Father? In this season of waiting, this country with closed borders, this situation that feels unending?

While remaining (or not remaining) may not have been what we envisioned for this season, there is an anchor for our soul that keeps us steadfast through the storms and the stillness. 

Our God is unchanging, and he calls us to remain in him. How has he held you steady? What lessons have you learned from remaining where you are? 


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