Have You Seen? {March 3, 2019}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Spring 2019 Connection Groups are opening up for registration this week! Head over to the Connection Group page to check out the groups we have available, or read through our 10 FAQs about Connection Groups to learn more. Registration opens on Tuesday, March 5th at 6:00 pm EST! 

Last Week’s Theme: Rhythms

When God Whispers An Idea by Lori Chilton—”We ended up blessing more than thirty women coming from a variety of nationalities. I say, ‘we,’ because it certainly took a team. I had seven translators, a few language checkers, a media guy (he probably had no idea what he agreed to either! But I’m sure glad he did), one tech gal, a decorations team, one gal to purchase chocolate (very important job in the end!), one lady bringing supplies, one musician, one volunteer beautician, several center managers and janitors for room preparation and meal preparation, and a host of prayers!”

It Starts with Longing {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”This is your invitation, sisters. Over the next two months we will be creating a tender space to uncover those longings. It might take time and practice, allowing ourselves to listen well to all that is going on in our hearts. Then we will walk through a series of patterns and rhythms outlined in Barton’s book, including disciplines like solitude, prayer and Scripture. I usually approach spiritual disciplines with the very best of intentions that manifest in a long, holy to-do list. I want to fit it all in but find myself worn out and dried up. Can you relate?”

Our Big Announcement by Danielle Wheeler—”Many of you have made the Velvet Ashes Retreat part of the rhythm of your year, and you’ve been looking forward to it again. It’s a time for you to step away, to clear space for you and God to meet. It’s a pause for your soul to come to him and experience his tender care. Maybe some of you are saying, ‘Yeah, that sounds amazing, but…’ You’re questioning whether you can show up. You want to, you really want to, but then you look at the craziness of your life. Being able to get away for a retreat? That’s a dream, not a reality.” 

Confirmation of His Care Connie Patty—”As soon as I finished that rich day of being blessed by so many thoughtful elements of the event, I started looking forward to the next year. And so it was in April 2018 that I found myself in Croatia after having spent a week alone in preparation for what I hoped the Lord had for me again. Having planned many an event over thirty-two years of ministry, I have been so pleasantly surprised each year by these retreats. They are brilliantly designed! While I don’t know the Velvet Ashes team personally, I can tell they have invested a lot of time, heart and passion in it. And no doubt they’ve covered the retreat and women in prayer ahead of time. I felt it the entire time during each of the retreats I’ve participated in, sensing clearly that the Spirit was moving and speaking to me.”

I Suck at Relaxing {The Grove: Rhythms} by Cosette Greeno—”Time and time again I reach a point of frustration when I realize I’ve wasted a slow morning by filling it with my ideas and plans of what I hope will be the perfectly curated Sabbath. I’m too busy micromanaging my time to be with God that I miss out on the chance to literally stop what I’m doing and relax. I have lots of theories as to why I gravitate towards rest this way. Besides my ‘go-go’ tendency and unhealthy relationship with perfection, I have discovered that I don’t enjoy rest because of a fear of loneliness. Living overseas the past few years has placed me deep in the depths of loneliness. I learned early on during my first month in China that if I kept myself busy and didn’t stop moving, I wouldn’t feel the weight of homesickness pressing down on me.”

From Around the Web

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is….

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

We link arms across continents, across diverse backgrounds and cultures. We sip tea together at kitchen tables and on video chats, our hearts vulnerable as we share the joys and hardships and the everyday, ordinary, in-between.

Our tribe of sisters are our friends, our teammates, our neighbors, women we’ve never met in person but who get our hearts in that special way. They share our blood and hold our dreams close to their hearts.

Velvet Ashes longs to provide space for you to connect with sisters from all over the world. We do this through our blog posts, our social media communities, our weekly book club. Another special space is what we call Connection Groups. These are groups of 5-7 women who meet weekly for eight weeks over video chat or in Facebook groups or through email. Our spring 2019 groups are all ready and just waiting for you to join! Registration will open on Tuesday, March 5th at 6:00 pm EST. You can check out all the groups on our Registration page!

This week we are celebrating our sisters. Who are the women in your life who hold you up, fill your heart, know your secrets and love you through it all? Share these women with us on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesSisters.

You still have time to take advantage of the early bird rate through March 5th when you register for the Velvet Ashes retreat!

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