Have You Seen? {March 7th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Secondhand

The Value of Secondhand Faith by Jenilee Goodwin—”The Bible tells us from beginning to end that our stories of faith are gateways to the next generation of believers. The early chapters of Deuteronomy express over and over how important it is to share these things with our children, to bind them on our hearts, to write them on the doors of our homes, to talk about them in our coming and going.”

Can I Be a Peacemaker? {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”I appreciate that the focus isn’t just on one of these areas. I can strive to be a peacemaker in a broken world, but if I neglect seeking a sense of wholeness in my relationships with others and even with myself then I’m missing out.”

The Ups and Downs of Hand-Me-Downs by Maria Mullet—”The older I get, the more grateful I am for the heritage that stretches on behind me. For the generations of Jesus-followers who laid the path for my walking in Christ. I know many, many people who would give their right arm for the kind of familial support that I totally take for granted.”

He Got Me with Flowers by Jenny Erlingsson—”God got me with flowers. My burning bush so to speak was wild and purple/blue, blooming along the roads and the lava rock meadows of Iceland. It was the tipping point of a multitude of times where the Lord used something unexpected to encounter me.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Photo by Patrick Mueller on Unsplash

Yes, we’re going there.

The thought of talking about division might make you roll your eyes, break out into a sweat or want to throw your phone across the room. Honestly, us too.

But we can’t ignore the division happening in our passport countries or our churches or our extended families. While it is perhaps at the forefront of our minds more than usual right now, there’s really nothing new under the sun.

So, we’re trying to be honest but gentle. Humble and open. Willing to share and ready to listen.

Go there with us?

We hope you’ll join us for the important conversations happening this week on social media and in our blog posts!


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