Have You Seen? {May 13, 2018}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Humility

The Death of Perfection by Joy Smalley—”Humility, on the other hand, carries a lot more risk as it seeks out error and exposes the truth. Humility asks questions like, who am I really? What are my true motivations? What are my limitations? What mistakes have I made and how did those impact the people around me? What do I need to take responsibility for and who do I need to reconcile with?”

Cataracts to My Privilege {Book Club} by Amy Young—”Buying snacks last minute is not how I roll. All week I have meant to buy them. I knew this day was coming. I knew this part of the lesson was coming. I knew how excited my students are about the learning a song—it still amazes me that some of the brightest minds from China display visible childlike joy at the mention of learning a song.”

The Gift of Your Eyes by Esther Miller—”Who are you? I wondered. Who really are you? I tried to imagine where you may have come from. What your story may be. Then I looked into your eyes. I noticed the bags underlying them, the wrinkles in your brown forehead. I wondered how old you were. Could you be 64? Then your eyes broke contact with Miryam’s, and looked straight into mine.”

My Unglamorous Overseas Life by Sarah Hilkemann—”I used to want a glamorous life, the kind that would attract attention and applause. I was the shy, unseen girl for most of my life, but when I announced I was going overseas I started to feel special. People talked about how proud they were of me when I stood in front of a church or Bible study and shared about all the adventures that lay ahead and the sacrifices it would require, all in the name of Jesus. What an impact I was going to have!”

Humility in the Wilderness {The Grove: Humility} by Kelly Delp—”As someone who deeply values their sense of self and independence, moving abroad brought me not just a season of adjustment, but a season of humility that I have never known. I questioned everything. Every cultural norm in my world, things I fit into or believed without thinking, was challenged. But perhaps the thing that rocked my world the most was that this shift brought with it a season of deconstruction in my faith as well.”

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is….

As school doors release eager children in many places for summer vacation this month, throngs of overseas workers transition to home assignment or finish up terms. Others stock up on vitamins, clothes, and shoes and say tearful goodbyes to family as they yet again return to their home on the other side of the ocean. There are farewell parties and yard sales, empty team meetings and lonely days for those left behind.

This week we are starting a four-week transition series. Come find your place as we explore leaving, staying, furlough and returning. How does God hold you steady in whatever stage you are in? What are the joys and struggles in each season?

This week we will turn our focus to those who are finishing. How can we help our sisters leave well? Come share your tips, thoughts and prayers at The Grove, and join us over on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesLeaving.

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