Have You Seen? {May 22, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Thank You Carryn

Carryn OsbornWe want to say a big THANK YOU and send off to our dear Carryn Osborn. She’s been interning for Velvet Ashes for the last several months. Carryn came to me (Danielle) last fall and said she was interested in interning. She knew we couldn’t pay her, and she didn’t even need the internship for college credit. She just wanted to help!

So we quickly put her willingness and giftedness to work. Carryn has been managing our Community Map, she’s served almost daily as a vital part of a social media team, and she’s been a huge help with Velvet Ashes’ email correspondence. We really don’t know what we would have done without her!

Carryn is getting ready to go serve in Paris, France this fall (because of a Velvet Ashes connection!). We’re sad to lose her, but oh so excited for what God has in store for her. Thank you, Carryn, for all that you have given to Velvet Ashes. We are so grateful for all the time and effort you devoted in the midst of a busy college life. Know that our love and prayers go with you!

Fun facts about Carryn:

  • You can’t be around her for more than two minutes without laughing. She is so funny!
  • She has a gorgeous voice.
  • You can follow her at @carryndosborn on Instagram.

Last Week’s Theme: Change

When Jesus Invites You to the Beach by  Melissa Chaplin—”I have words for you. I have more for you. You are not done. No, definitely not yet. You may feel like it is all over because you are unpacking your bags…with no knowledge of when you will pack them again. I know there are some nights that you wake up and soon find that tears roll down your face, and you aren’t sure why. But they come. I know you feel out of place, like a stranger with a familiar face.”

Behind the Scenes {Book Club} by Amy Young—”At one point as part of my research I took this huge, heavy gardening book to the coffee shop and read through it, writing down key gardening vocabulary, in particular the verbs. I don’t know why I didn’t google it (for instance, here is a list). But now I’m glad I spent time thinking about a fertile soul and looking at plants.”

One Sure Thing That Changes Change by Joanna Chee—”We live in Istanbul. We’ve been here six years. We’re moving back to England next year. Change. Huge change. Two of our children are fine with that. Two are not.”

Change: A Distraction or a Tool? by Emily Smith—”Here I had to close my computer and walk away. I had to practice breathing, get some space, and ask God to show me the deeper truth. Here is the question rolling around in my mind. Am I allowing the change to draw me closer to Christ? Or am I using the external changes as a distraction from the real change He wants to bring about in my heart?”

The One Thing That Unites Us {The Grove: Change} by Amy Young—”Let’s picture ourselves around a dinner table. There is a crusty loaf of bread in the middle, ready for us to tear pieces off as we break bread together. There is a bowl with little pieces of paper and you draw one out and share how you have experienced that attribute in the last year. Because stories give birth to stories, if someone sharing on an attribute stirs something in you, go ahead and share.”

From Around the Web

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .

reentry velvet ashes

Whether you entered the field knowing it was for a set time or you were not sure when this season would come, here it is.

You are preparing to re-entery your passport country.

You have re-entered your passport country.

You are teaming with someone who will re-enter.

And it is exhausting, isn’t it? You are probably soul weary of talking about, thinking about, getting excited over, grieving over, and living the realities of this season.

Yet there is hope. Hope in sharing our stories and hope in sharing The Story. May this week be like a cool drink to weary souls.

Bring your stories, thoughts, and images to The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST.

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