Have You Seen? {May 23rd, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme:

The Dark Side of Green by Maria Mullet—”About a year after our arrivals on the field, my young mom friend and I were FaceTiming, sharing stories of lives in our new respective homes and catching up on what we’ve been through. She honestly shared how hard the year had been, feeling so busy with keeping her children in a secure place that she felt isolated from so much of the work they had come to do.”

Waiting in the Middle of the Story {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”I’m really grateful that God gave us these examples of his faithfulness for when I’m feeling stuck in the middle of the story. When I want the quick and easy answer, or to take a peek at what’s coming in the next chapter, I can lean into the stories of these ordinary but dearly loved obey-ers who clung to the promise that hope was coming and Love was near.”

Independence by Morgan Brouk—”In my passport country, there was an ease and many conveniences that often lulled me into believing the lie that I could make it on my own without the help of others. The access to 24/7 electricity, high levels of safety and security, and the ability to have nearly anything I could imagine within minutes or at least within two days was nice.”

An Abundant Banquet by Sarah Hilkemann—”I often treat my life less like a 13-course banquet and more like a little salad with boring dressing, minus the croutons. I want the next thing, the next season, the answer to my hopes and dreams to finally come true. It will be better when I move out of this location and am closer to teammates and grocery stores.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Cross-cultural life has a way of peeling back the layers, revealing the places we might not want to expose as well as the strengths we didn’t know we had. 

This life does that for our marriages too, doesn’t it? Perhaps life on the field has deepened and widened your marriage in ways you couldn’t have imagined. Or maybe it has been harder on your marriage than you thought possible. Perhaps it has done both. 

This week we are talking about being married on the field! We hope you’ll come and learn, listen and grow with us.


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