Have You Seen? {May 24th, 2020}

Last Week’s Theme: Village

Lessons from Village Life by Sarah Hilkemann—”Village life flows in a familiar rhythm made up of people and neighbors and friends that we have grown to love. This life teaches me about the importance of depending on other people and not just surviving on my own independent and stubborn nature.”

What are you doing? {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”So many of us, whether we are single or married, parents or not, can find our identity in the role of Kingdom worker. We look at the work we are doing for God, very good and important work, or the ways we aren’t doing the same work as others around us, and that becomes the defining mark of who we are. This can lead to pride or guilt, anxiety or shame, and impacts our relationship with God.”

It Takes a Village During a Crisis + Creamy Bacon Potato Soup by Ashley Felder—”After his phone call telling us to get her help now, we moved into action. I relayed the message to my husband and we realized this is way more serious than we had thought. He immediately got online and bought plane tickets to Hong Kong. I called our teammates down and told them what was going on. They immediately said they and the rest of our team would take care of our two boys. No questions asked.”

Jumanji Your Village by M’Lynn Taylor—”One of my favorite things about overseas life is the built-in community called TEAM! The tricky part about teammates, though, is that they’re not only your friends and accountability partners, they’re also your co-workers and fellow villagers.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

May you walk in the footsteps of Jesus this week as His precious disciples, as you love and live and sit at His feet.

May you lead others around you—your children, your neighbors, your teammates—to do the same.

May the world know we are His disciples, the love that He has poured out on us overflowing to those around us.

Join us this week to talk about being and making disciples! You are always welcome to our living room chats, also known as our blog post comments. Share in your Instagram spaces with the hashtag #VelvetAshesDisciple.

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