Have You Seen? {May 2nd, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Create

The Business of Recreation by Katelyn Comer—”God started to impress on us that He was asking my husband to step into the role of full-time pastor at our precious church. It didn’t make any sense at first – we were already working full time with five recovery ministries on the island. Was He really asking us to take on more?”

Harambee {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”Everyone pulling together is part of group-oriented hot climate cultures (read more about that in Foreign to Familiar by Sarah A. Lanier), like Kenya and Brazil both. I also see this in small communities anywhere in the world. Even in cold-climate cultures, people who live in small towns tend to band together more.”

Recreating God by Joy Smalley—”Every experience in my life, every justification, every sermon, every betrayal or loss served to build a framework for who God is and who I am. So, when David writes about the creation of a pure heart in Psalm 51, I don’t think he is speaking of the sin that we commit but of the pervasive sins of our personal stories that have built a false structure of reality.”

Truth-Telling Creativity by Rachel Mutesi—”Engaging with creativity and art, whether our own or that of others, is a deeply personal and intimate thing. It reveals and sometimes confronts. And when I let it, it is truth-telling, as it points me, in different ways, back to The Creator.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

The intricate beauty and formality of a fancy wedding invitation. The casual text message with an offer to meet up for coffee. The humble ask to enter into someone else’s joy or pain.

We love invitations, don’t we?

Our amazing Father God longs to invite us into his presence, into communion and rest and celebration with him. What a sweet invitation that is.

This week we want to hear about the special invitation that God is extending to you. Is he calling you to rest in the wilderness season, or to trust him for the harvest? Hear from women in the Velvet Ashes community as they share how God met them in the Velvet Ashes Retreat. Learn more about the process of choosing the theme this year. The door is wide open for you to share and listen and join us for this journey!


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