Have You Seen? {May 30th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Being Married

The Same Page by Jenny Erlingsson—”But unity remains because we know that regardless of what point we come from, we are still on the same page.”

Glimpses of Glory {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”God is working in the times when it feels impossible that anything is changing or happening. He is for me, for us. This fills me with so much hope.”

Marriage in the Redemptive Shadow of the Cross by Stephanie Prater-Clarke—”I’ve had many a day since then where I’ve sat on the proverbial curb emptied and weeping. And as he always does, my husband helps me up. And as He always does, God gives sufficient grace.”

Healthy Marriage Tips for Stressful Times by Jenilee Goodwin—”Marriage is one of the first things to be attacked and sometimes, one of the last things to be rescued.”

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Join us for our Velvet Ashes Summer Live series! We’ll start next week, June 3 at 9 am Eastern, to chat about furlough.

And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Photo by Cristina Cerda on Unsplash

We get the special privilege of doing community across time zones and borders. Our people are next door and back in our passport country, in our Facebook groups and Zoom screens.

This is beautiful and messy and ordinary! It is challenging and a gift all wrapped up in the thing we call doing life with others.

What aspects of community have emerged through the last year that surprised or delighted you? How have you met the Father through your community?

We would love to hear from you! If we could all sit around the same table with cups of tea and coffee, fresh fruit and all kinds of delightful goodies, the conversation would flow for hours. But because we are a community of women spread all over the globe, our conversations happen through blog posts and comments, hashtags and pictures. Join us?

You can share in the conversation on our blog this week at velvetashes.com! Or share your story and tag us on social media or use the hashtag #velvetashesdoingcommunity.

What do you think?

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