Have You Seen? {May 3rd, 2020}

Last Week’s Theme: Beyond Joy

Joy in Every Season by Sarah Hilkemann—”In every season when I visit the lake, there’s a tree that catches my eye. It is set a ways off the trail, its branches more slim than others as they reach up toward the sun. For the longest time last spring, this little tree remained budless and leafless while the rest of the foliage burst into bloom. The tree remained barren. And that’s how my heart felt in that season too.”

Social Butterfly {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”Transformation is hard. We all recognize that we need to change. Maybe we want to change something about our appearance or start some healthier habits. Maybe we know we need to change thought patterns and attitudes. Maybe we need to stop harmful behaviors. It’s not easy to get out of our old patterns and into better ones. We need help: friends, professionals, the Holy Spirit.”

Despite the Circumstances by Monica F—”My guess is that, like me, a lot of you have been feeling overwhelmed lately; maybe fearful, anxious, or frustrated. Many of my friends have expressed they feel trapped and stressed out by life’s current circumstances. What does the road ahead look like? When might life normalize or become “safe” again? When I start devoting attention to my own insecurities and need for control, I veer off the road of obedience onto treacherous paths.”

Beyond the Mountaintop by Alyson Rockhold—”From the mountaintop, the rainy season is a beautiful bringer of new life. But in the valley, the days upon days of rain make my clothes moldy and a fire so much harder to start. When I’m in the valley, I am tempted to look back to the last time I felt near to God, thinking if only I could return there, then my joy would be restored.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

What a joy it is to speak into each other’s lives! Technology allows us to follow and learn from each other as well as wise men and women around the world as we listen and read and tune in.

There are those women that have invested and poured into us, our mentors. And we have done the same for others as the Father allows our experiences to be used to encourage and equip others.

We celebrate the impact of these women this week, and we celebrate you.

We celebrate the sacrifices, the pain, the tissues handed across the table, the listening, the late-night text messages and the hours given. We celebrate those moments of coffee turned cold with Bibles open, the long conversations on walks or the moments of honesty in the midst of our messy, beautiful lives.

Join us for the conversation this week as you read the meaningful posts that are coming. Add your own thoughts and stories with the hashtag #VelvetAshesMentoring!

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