Have You Seen? {May 7, 2017}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Do you know anyone who . . . 

Will experience a big move in the next few months? Maybe they (maybe YOU) are getting ready to move to the field. Or maybe the big move is in the other direction and they (or you) are preparing to return “home.” And reading that line is enough to cause you to suck in your breath and feel your heart start to race.

We at Velvet Ashes get what a significant time each of those transitions can be. In that spirit we have created personally timed series for those who are Leaving Home and those who are Returning Home. For eight weeks you will receive a weekly email that will meet you right where you are.  How? By signing up and entering the date of your departure, we will hold your hand and walk with you. You’ll also have access to join a private Facebook group where you can interact with others on the same path.

Better yet? For a limited time, it is free. Check out Leaving Home and Returning Home here. Who can you be sure doesn’t miss out on a friendly hand?

Last Week’s Theme: Remember

The Defining Power of Memory by Joy Smalley—”Essentially that is what remembering together does for us. Remembering is the process of re-binding and re-solidifying our relationship so that we walk away with a better sense of who we are and where we fit in this world.”

Flying and the Church Year {Book Club} by Kimberlee Conway Ireton—”Resurrection life is life in the risen Christ, life in the heavenly places, life on wings. When we live in Christ, we are surrounded by Christ as by an atmosphere. And just as we breathe the air around us and it fills our lungs and gives life to our bodies, so too do our spirits breathe Christ when we live in Him—He is our air, surrounding us, filling us, upholding us, giving us Life.”

Impacting Others by Laura Bowling—”Transitioning back to my passport country has meant moving forward and not dwelling in the past, remembering past memories while making new memories, and taking what I learned and experienced and figuring out how to incorporate all of it into life now.”

Why I Should be a Pillar of Salt and Other Thoughts on Remembering by Jessica Hoover—”When Jesus breaks bread he says “This do in REMEMBRANCE of me.” When we are building the Kingdom, we are remembering. We are remembering the safest of spaces. We are remembering the thing that gives us the surest of futures.”

Was It Only Last Week? {The Grove Prompt: Memories} by Amy Young—”Does the retreat feel like a million years ago? I don’t know what your week was like, but chances are the realities of your world didn’t get the invitation to return slowly. Instead you were probably slapped around a bit.”

From Around the Web

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Finally we are thrilled to share the Taking Route podcast! You can subscribe in Itunes or Stitcher. And episode 1? Our very own Lauren Pinkston. Help spread the word by leaving a review on Itunes!

And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .

“You can keep the change,” I told the waitress as I scooted out of the booth. I smiled as I caught the little play on words. Yes, you can keep the change. All of it. The transitions, the moving, the packing, the goodbyes, every bit of change. We’ve had enough, thank you very much.

But there is something about change that is invigorating. Fresh starts, new years, untethered beginnings. Change stretches us, grows us, and moves us into the next season. We love it. We hate it. We live in the middle of it.

This week is the beginning of our annual three week series on Change, Return, and Remain. So whether you are ready to retire with your gold medal earned in a marathon of transitions, or you are chomping at the bit for someone to fire the starting gun for the next race, join our community’s discussion on change this week.

Join the discussion this week in the comments, on Instagram using #VelvetAshesChange, and then at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST. Bring your blog posts to link up.

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