Have You Seen? {May 9th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Invitations

Awake, O My Soul by Corella Roberts—”Winter was coming, a needed reprieve after a flourishing Spring and Summer. I could enter it with frustration or joy, but I couldn’t avoid it. This much my tired soul knew. So, for the first time in my life, I took His hand and willingly stepped into a season of dormancy.”

You Are Always Loved {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”There is something that stirs up in my soul, a longing that reaches out from a deep place, as I think about a God who walked with His creation, just enjoying sweet fellowship. Tracing the thread of God’s love through the tapestry of His story intensifies this longing and awe.”

Invitation to Abide by Addie Davis—”I began the growth rings practice, but as I reflected on the past year, I could not fit all of the landmarks into the retreat template. A flood of memories washed over me as I recalled what had happened since I left Kansas City.”

Why ‘Invited’? And a Retreat Check-in by the Velvet Ashes Team—”Did you know that in the Lord’s Prayer, the greek word “will” from “your will be done” can be translated as “best offer”? Is that how you think about God’s will? As his best offer for your life? Or do you think of God’s will as something heavy and demanding?”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Doing family on (and off) the field comes with a special set of joys and challenges! 

Most likely you have gotten to spend a little extra bonding time with your kiddos over the last year as so many of us were home a whole lot more. What is something you learned about doing family that has been especially meaningful or surprising? 

What have been the challenges of doing life together as a family on the field?

We are starting a series on roles and relationships and are kicking it off chatting about family! We will also hear about singleness and marriage on the field and doing community. We hope you’ll join us for each week of the series!


Whether your transition is happening on the field or off, we believe the ambiguous space between what was and what is not yet offers opportunities for growth. Join Amy Miller with TRAIN International in our upcoming webinar as she offers helpful tools for the middle of transition.

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