Have You Seen? {November 12, 2017}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

For the first time, VA will participate in Giving Tuesday—the Tuesday after American Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. Giving Tuesday is giving movement that focuses people on GIVING and not consuming. There will be more info to come, but for that one day, Velvet Ashes has 5 generous donors who have put up $5,000 and will match you dollar for dollar. But only on that day. Mark your calendars for #GivingTuesday, November 28th. Be prayerfully considering how you can financially help others on the field know that they are Not Alone.

Last Week’s Theme: Held

What are You Holding? by Jenilee Goodwin—”I love the concept that God is holding us in the palm of his hand. The comfort we have in the knowledge that he holds us is both miraculous and invaluable. Knowing that God is holding all of the pieces of our lives encourages us that no matter what comes our way, God has it in his capable hands.”

Planting Bulbs: Christ the King {Book Club} by Amy Young—”When the world around us proclaims death, destruction, entropy, dissolution, Christ the King proclaims life, creation, love, shalom. Christ the King promises that the very worst things in our life and in the life of this world are the very places where He will triumph victoriously. The very death and decay that we deplore are the raw ingredients out of which He will fashion—indeed, is even now fashioning—life and glory.”

An Unexpected Lifeline Amidst Loneliness by Anika Ortiz—”That simple box of two items sustained our tired days as we taught and served. It reminded me that honesty with Jesus when we’re downcast matters, and that he hears our prayers. I just never thought answered prayer would come in the form of soda and candy. It was a beautiful moment where I felt held in the grace-filled hands of Jesus, thankful for those in our lives who selflessly give as vessels of the Lord.”

For They Shall Be Comforted by Joy Smalley—”Biblical culture allows for the pain of grief and suffering while still clinging to the truth that blessings are abundant in the midst of it. God is still good and he does not work out this goodness distant from us, but he works it out within us and around us. He holds us. He catches our tears. He breathes life back into our souls. The more I understand the cultures and religions that surround me, the more confident I am in the awesomeness that is our God. He alone promises us comfort in the midst of our pain.”

You Have Hyper-Transitionitis {The Grove: Held} by Danielle Wheeler—”I had felt like I was going to be swept under, but when I looked down, smack in the river of transition, I saw that I was being held. Those hands had been there the whole time tenderly sustaining me. I was just suddenly, blessedly aware. Now I added to my pile of tissues, not with tears of lament, but with gratitude.”

Hospitality Without Complaining 

A Crown, A Boat, and Four Graves 

Where There IS A Doctor, But You Don’t Trust Him

Intuition in Risk: Can You Trust Your Gut? Part 1 

Why Do Cross-Cultural Workers Leave The Field? Help Us Find Out! 

Borama, Somaliland: My First Heartbreak 

In Between 

Finally, {Held}

And Now for Next Week

The theme is ….

In Book Club this week, we will discuss “12 Risk Myths.” (Dr. Anna Hampton also provides ways to correct each myth and it’s a good time to jump in if you haven’t joined us yet.)

But myths aren’t limited to things that are false.

This week we will explore the broad sense of myths. Stories that are told in our host cultures. Stories told in our home cultures. Stories we tell ourselves.

On Instagram, where does your life feel like a myth? Something beyond true? Where does it feel like a story with powerful lessons?

Bring your blog posts to link up at The Grove.

Share your pics with #VelvetAshesMyth and collectively let’s remind each other of the One is the creator of all good stories.

What do you think?

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