Have You Seen? {November 13, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Betrayal

Where’s the Happy Ending to Betrayal? by Jenilee Goodwin—”That stirs up all kinds of things in my heart. After even a hint of betrayal, I want to make it better. I want to dig in, figure out the problem, fix it, make sure I’m heard, discuss, discuss, discuss. I want the forgiveness scene and the hug at the end. If I had been Amos, I would have been dragging Amaziah all the way to the King for a pow-wow. But, in truth? It doesn’t always happen that way.”

How Like the Rooster We Can Be {Book Club} by Amy Young—”More often than I wish were true, put a group of cross-cultural workers together and instead of working together, something akin to a rooster personality comes out and we attack each other. We become territorial. We function out of scarcity instead of generosity.”

Betrayal Hurts and that’s Okay by Caitlin Lieder—”Betrayal is not just a loss of trust in that person. It is also a loss of the sense of self. I had so many questions like, Why did she betray me? Did I deserve this? What is wrong with me? The part of my personality that came out when she was around was lost. The part of me that was known by her was gone; I felt hung out to dry and suddenly very insecure. I went through a grieving process, trying to understand why she chose to leave and betray me.”

A Grace Greater than Betrayal by Emily Smith—”If I could go back, I would not have waited until I felt like I had earned the right to speak up. I was waiting until I was blameless until I spoke up about the hurt that not only I, but others, were facing. That moment never came and never will. I was afraid of what people might use to attack me, so I stayed silent. If I could go back, I would act like I truly believed my sin had been fully paid for.”

When the Ground Swallows You {The Grove: Betrayal} by Amy Young—”This was not my first ministry betrayal rodeo. How could betrayal be happening again when I had been careful to learn from my first experience? When I had taken the time to do the work of healing? When I am pretty good at reading people and knowing who is safe and who is not? If you’ve been betrayed, and I know most of you have, you know the pattern.”

Instagram Highlight for #VelvetAshesBetrayal


This week’s Instagram repost comes from @jodiepine. Thank you for sharing, Jodie. Velvet Ashes sends love and prayers for this fifth grade girl…

“I sat on a school bus as a volunteer on a fifth grade field trip and listened to an 11 year old girl share her struggle with betrayal: parents who were filing for divorce that day, the sting of promises that had been made and then broken, feeling like everyone at school hates her this year, and the sadness of ‘losing’ her brother as he has closed himself off in the midst of his own grief…My heart hurt as I listened because I wished that her life wasn’t that hard. But God has reminded me that there is real Hope for those who are hurting, like this precious broken-hearted girl. Holding on to that Hope means not being defined by betrayal. Finding meaning in life that’s above the dark clouds of circumstances we never would have chosen. Believing that God is still good and His plans are always full of Hope.”

Check out all of the images for #VelvetAshesBetrayal. Join us for this week’s hashtag and you could be our featured repost!

From Around the Web

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .


I recently heard someone’s home described as a cross between a Ritz Carlton and a monastery. That tickled me and gave me a new aspiration for my own home. Ritz Carlton is laughably out of reach, but comfort and soul are nice guiding principles.

This description is so attractive because it points to an intersection of material and sacred. And that’s the beauty of Jesus. God in a body. That cosmic moment of uniting material and sacred. What a comfort.

We’re talking Domestication this week, and that can go many directions – homes and families, pets and plants, the Incarnation and incarnational living overseas, when to be tame and when to stay wild.

My guess is we’ll find some helpful intersection for those who desire to live soulfully.

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