Have You Seen? {November 18, 2018}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

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Also check out this blog post from MAP Global: The Dislocation Effect

Last Week’s Theme: Friends 

Zooming Out to See Perspective by M’lynn Taylor—”Now that I live in a small town, I’m surrounded by people who have been friends for years, and it can tempt me to feel lonely or out of place because I don’t have a friend that goes back years and years here. However, when I zoom out and see the rich friendships I carry with me from my time overseas, I see that I have a lot of great friendships, but they look different than those of the people around me.”

Free Agent Approach to Church {Book Club} by Amy Young—”Reading this chapter brought back a memory. When I moved back to the US, church was the hardest part of the transition for me. Agony. I found ways that first year to make it work for me, which is an indirect way of saying that I didn’t exactly go to the same church every week. I met faithfully with my small group, so there was stability, but other than that, I was more of a church free agent.”

Life-Long Friends + Sweet Roasted Veggies by Ashley Felder—”I may not have that earthly friend who knows every part of my life, but I do have everything I need in Jesus, friends at home, teammates, and finally, locals. I try to focus on enjoying the times when friendships are plenty and sweet. I remind myself that investing in a new friendship is worth it, no matter how long it will last. When friends are not so plentiful, when it seems like no one understands my stage of life, I still have Jesus. He knows me from beginning to end, and I get to be His friend forever”

Mucoore Wakwa, My Friend by Monia F.—”She would chuckle when I said the wrong word in her language, in fact she laughed at me a lot, teasing me about being so dramatic. But her timing was always perfect. She was quiet when words just wouldn’t do, clicking her tongue, acknowledging my problem as real. Makena would hold my hand when my husband had malaria and pray for healing. She spoke softly, and timidly around people, especially men. But when she prayed, her voice rose to the Heavens as if she wanted all the angels to hear how much she loved her Baba, the sustainer of her soul and lifter of her head.”

5 Strengths You’ll Gain From a Cross-Cultural Friendship {The Grove: Friends} by Fiona Killough—”Sure, this friendship may be born in the hometown that you’ve never left, as you get to know an immigrant who’s arrived in your neighborhood. Or, as has more often been my case, maybe you’re the immigrant, expat, or global worker. Make no mistake, a cross-cultural friendship can take a lot more work. It can feel a lot riskier too. But I propose that these friendships are well worth all the language blunders and cultural faux-pas that can come with them. ”

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is….

I (Sarah) am the slowest coffee drinker in the world. Everyone else has long since finished or started on cup 2 (or 3) by the time I reach the bottom of the mug, and of course my latte or long black has turned cold. That doesn’t bother me though, because I lack the ability to do anything but sip slow.

In so many other ways I match the world around me and rush. I walk fast to get to my next destination, get frustrated by lines or traffic or something taking longer than I deem it should.

Maybe I need to take a lesson from my own coffee drinking and slow down and savor.

Do we all need a week to do the same?

What are you savoring? Share with us this week at The Grove and add your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesSavoring. If you are celebrating the American holiday of Thanksgiving, tell us about how you are savoring those favorite traditions (and foods) around the world.

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