Have You Seen? {November 22, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Examine

Oh, Now I Understand Why It Was So Hard by Danielle Krouch—”So, how should we as highly sensitive people cope with the stresses of life? Here are some ways that have helped me to be more intentional about managing my highly sensitive nature: . . . ”

The Goal of the Christian Life {Book Club} by Amy Young—”I imagine you’re the same, I am so kind and patient when I am alone, picturing the kind of person I am and want to be . . . and then I interact with an actual person and at times am NOTHING like the kind, dreamy version of myself. Turns out I can be testy, sarcastic, shut-down, snappy (and not in the clever way), and a bit too annoyed with those I love.”

How stressed are you? by Lauren Pinkston—”We’re talking about stress, and I can tell you that at least when I was stressed and in the United States, I could run through a drive-thru for dinner or do most of my shopping in a single place. Not the case in the developing world. I don’t need to tell this to any of you. So we take our baseline stress levels to the overseas field, and we basically inject them with high-powered stress steroids. Notice I did not say performance-enhancing drugs.”

When I Hit A Wall – A Story of Burnout Overseas and My Road to Healing by Brandie Green—”Freedom to be honest. People would frequently ask me if I was looking forward to going back to China. “No.” A very simple succinct answer that most people didn’t know what to do with, but it was like opening a locked cage in my heart. In fact for the first three or four months, I didn’t even talk about China, I wouldn’t even mention the word. All these things allowed me to begin thinking straight again.”

Becoming Aware of God’s Presence through the Practice of Examen {The Grove – Examine} by Kimberly Todd—”The prayer begins with an acknowledgement of the loving presence of God. Then it moves over the events of the day, pausing over moments to witness God at work where we sensed him, and where we missed God. In those pauses, the prayer attends to the feelings we experienced around those events. Finally, it turns to conversing with God about the events and emotions we experienced, giving thanks and asking for forgiveness. It ends with an expression of gratitude for God’s presence and direction, and a request for moving forward.”

In case you missed this at The Grove: In the first week of our “Dream Big” Fund, we’ve raised $2,956! You all are amazing.  We’re already 21% of the way there.  

We are making a switch and will now be raising the remainder of our goal ($11,019) through Pure Charity.  You can see all the details and donate here.  This will allow everyone, including those with a non-U.S. billing address to give.  (We know many of you are not from the U.S. and want the opportunity to give.)  Thank you for Dreaming Big with Velvet Ashes. 

From Around the Web

Our own Jessica Hoover had this stunning piece at Amber Haines’ blog:  The scars we’re meant to have: A Wild In the Hollow Guest Post.

Two excellent reads from TCKs: DOUCE FRANCE: A TCK’s Response to the Paris Massacre  and Leaving Narnia…My MK World.

How should we receive the news from Paris? Omid Safi shares a few thoughts on the attacks after spending a day of silence, modeling what examen can look like in response to crisis. And this beautiful piece: For You in the Trenches.

To Be a Master Caregiver, Be a Practiced Receiver.

Finally, Thanksgiving Trees as a Simple Outreach.

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


We have tracked far together this fall, haven’t we? Looking behind facades, tuned into warnings, encouraged each other to be authentic, turned towards our pasts, wondered about control, explored limits, tried to incorporate more God honoring rhythms, and examined our lives.

This week we’ll round out our fall series with the theme of enlarge.

Many of us come from cultures that whisper “enlarge is about numbers.” But is it? Is this the message God would have us believe?

This week as we explore what God might have for you, for us, for your marriage and other relationships, I’m thinking of John 3:30. “You must increase, and I must decrease.” This is but one paradox we face in our walk of faith when it comes to enlarging.

This week will round out our Fall series. Bring your own blog post link ups to The Grove beginning Thursday at 6pm EST. We can’t wait to see what’s stirred in you this week.

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