Have You Seen? {November 24th, 2019}

Last Week’s Theme: Recipe Box

You’re Speaking My Taste Buds by Maria Mullet—”Moving across the world to the land of curry, coconut milk, and chai has only broadened food’s ability to communicate to me. Now I feel a deep warmth when May makes her chicken curry with noodles. More than just my bodily thirst is quenched when Fon serves up a cool class of green tea with milk on a hot day.  The smell of fresh bread that greets me as I enter my teammate’s home tells me I’m welcome there, body and soul.”

Weakness Works in Our Favor {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”We don’t want to be weak. We don’t want to be imperfect. We don’t want to be humbled. ‘No one signs up for this, no one wants a life of enduring,’ writes Alia Joy. I want a job that aligns with my strengths so that I know I can do it well. ‘Weakness … is simply the inevitable state of our humanity. But the by-product of having God redeem our weakness instead of removing it is that we are made strong in Christ.’ How often have I prayed for God to take away my weaknesses? To give me the right kind of strengths?”

Choosing the Right Foods by Ashley Felder—”I couldn’t cook so well at the time, being only 22, so I thought green bean casserole might be the easiest while still showing more effort than dumping a gelatinous blob on a plate and slicing it. When I mentioned the casserole to my students, they first had no idea what I was talking about. As I described it, they started hysterically laughing. They let me know they had never eaten such a thing and it would be sorely made fun of at my soon-to-be family’s dinner. They didn’t let me live that down the rest of the year.”

Jungle Camp’s Favorite Chocolate Cake by M’Lynn Taylor—”Before we moved to China, my husband did most of the cooking. Once I became a stay-at-home-mom or non-teaching spouse or (insert organizational label here), however, I figured it was time for me to take up my post in the kitchen. I had a few skills under my belt (I could bake) but I wasn’t very familiar with cooking an actual meal. Opening a can of peas, eating a bowl of cereal or swinging by Sonic or Chick-fil-A got me through college, but then I got married and discovered my husband likes to eat ‘real food!’ “

Discovering a Love For Cooking + Pumpkin Soup {The Grove: Recipe Box} by Cosette Greeno—”Now, several years later as a newlywed, I find myself still learning and cooking different dishes that include a mixture of Asian and Western flavors. Sometimes I bake an apple crisp and other days I make a spicy stir fry for my husband as he’s become my official taste tester/food critic. This time of year is one of my favorite times to cook as the weather starts to get chilly and lots of delicious vegetables are in season. There is a small organic farm in the city I live in and each week I get a bag of produce delivered to my apartment door. I’ve discovered and tried new vegetables that I hadn’t ever heard of before coming to China and it’s been fun learning how to incorporate new flavors into my meals.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

A container of pumpkin spice seasoning or a jar of molasses.

The ornament you received for your first Christmas as a married couple.

That deck of cards that always got pulled out at family celebrations.

What pieces of home have you tucked away in suitcases and pulled out in your new home?

This time of year can be exciting and bursting at the seams with ministry opportunities and parties, team gatherings and outreaches. But as the calendar flips to December, sometimes the reminders of what we used to have or the traditions that don’t look the same anymore can bring on all the feels.

Let’s chat about the ways we have started new traditions and gathered memories with each place we have called home. Let’s remind each other to look for hope when things might feel hard and lonely in this season. Let’s share the fun and quirky and special things that we have carried with us! Make sure you spend some time with the posts this week and add your own thoughts and comments. Then share with us on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesPiecesofHome!

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