Have You Seen? {November 27, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Content

Let go. Hold On by Laura Bowling—”Contentment has come as I’ve let go—of expectations, of complaining, of comparison. As I release each of these, my heart settles in and my mind accepts what is in front of me. This sense of contentment occurred as I adjusted to new countries and as I adjust back to my passport country.”

Consider the Raven {Book Club} by Amy Young—”So, when we look this week at being content, another way to say it is “are you being fed?” Are you relationally, spiritually, in all the ways, being fed? And if you feel like you’re “eating” more than others, do not look to your fellow birds (be they family members, teammates, or locals), look to God. Look to God and don’t be afraid to explore with Him where your hunger may lead you.”

The Green Ooze of Discontent by Jenilee Goodwin—”You see, I know the feeling of discontent. I have lived it and battled it. . . . So, I have to limit my intake of those things, those reminders. I have to be purposeful about this place, this moment, this home, and this day.”

Content in the Kingdom by Jessica Hoover—”It is the rub of what is, what may be and what will never be again. I long for all of those things simultaneously and my heart is a restless beast. I know Jesus wasn’t discontent. He was fully accepting of His Father’s will, but when people pressed hard against him with their questioning and their we-just-don’t-get-you attitude don’t you think He looked forward to Kingdom come?”

In All Circumstances {The Grove: Content} by Kimberly, Danielle, Patty, and Amy—”This week we invited you to pause and soak in the contentment He offers us by jotting down the moments you noticed. Today we will share our lists and share in our contentment.”

Instagram Highlight for #VelvetAshesContent


This week’s Instagram pic comes from @travelinfam as she’s choosing containment even when things aren’t as we’d like them to be.
“The hubby had to travel today for our visa extension. Yes, on Thanksgiving. A few years ago this would of thrown me all out of wack. If nothing else #thisgloballife has taught me the art of relaxation and flexibility. I choose to be content with our little island life even when it includes last minute visa runs and chicken instead of turkey.”

Such a beautiful example of how God sustains and blesses in the midst of transition and home-making! Check out all the pictures for #VelvetAshesContent.

From Around the Web

Gratitude Makes All the Difference.

Thanksgiving is Bland, Pale & Overly Sweet (and we wouldn’t want it any other way).

I’m Not Very Good at Gratitude.

Are We Complaining Too Much?

Grateful Thanksgiving 2016.

Finally, the beautiful flawed hurting mean angry exquisite world.

And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .


As we enter into the last month of 2016, we want to circle around the idea of story.

We’re beginning Advent, a time to remember the story. To prepare our hearts and minds to enter again into the miracle of Christmas, Christ becoming flesh. Let’s walk intentionally together into this mystery.

We’re also celebrating a story, the story of what God has done in us as a community called Velvet Ashes.  We’re going to look back on 2016, rejoicing in what he has done. And we’re going to look ahead, to believe in the story he has yet ahead of us.

As we move into the next chapter of 2017, we’re doing so in faith. In all honesty, we don’t know how we’ll have all the resources we need to continue as a ministry and community. But we believe in a God who is clearly moving here, and we’re trusting him to provide.

As we have prayed over this, we’ve asked God what our role is in this. His response has been simple: “Tell the story. And then ask.” That’s it, Lord? Yes, that’s it.

During the month of December, we’re going to share pieces of Velvet Ashes’ story. And we’re going to invite you to tell your story. Do you have a moment where God met you, encouraged you, spoke to you in some way through one of the facets of Velvet Ashes?

We have a few spots open if you’d like to be a guest author and have your post featured on our site. You can also link up your blog posts at The Grove and share on Instagram with #VelvetAshes and #VelvetAshesStory.

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