Have You Seen? {November 4, 2018}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

First up, an announcement! MAP Global is a support agency that exists for the callings of its individual partners. Providing all of the services of a traditional sending agency, MAP Global is different in that our org. chart is upside down with your ministry and calling at the top.  If you are entrepreneurial, pioneering and obediently following God as He leads you into new territory, MAP Global might be the perfect fit for you! Check out MAPGlobal.org for details and use promo code “Velvet” to receive 50% off of when submitting the Partnership Application.

Also check out this blog post from MAP Global: The Dislocation Effect

Last Week’s Theme: Everyday Shalom

A Tale of Two Teammates by Sarah Hilkemann and Kristin Tillotson—”That vulnerability was achingly painful yet there was enough trust built up that we knew the other would hold those things gently. As we started off with clunky interactions, we slowly figured out how to celebrate our differences and support each other in our weaknesses.”

Wait, Was That When We Ate the Funnel Cake? {Book Club} by Amy Young—”If I show up in my ordinary life with ordinary love, peace begins to ripple out. The lady who I smile at, the person riding the bus with me, the family member in my home. Small wave of peace upon small wave. And their ordinary love is the currency of God’s grace in our daily life.”

The Grace of Stopping by Joy Allen—”In the stopping, that’s where God’s grace met me. Like an oasis in my day, he gave me the freedom to slow down and refresh. To breathe and breathe deeply. Sometimes I threw my hands up in surrender where he took over, sometimes clarity came, and sometimes neither. But I learned to give myself a 5+ minute break and discover the grace of stopping.”

A Liturgy for the Fog by Rachel Zimmerman—”When we feel there is no space for all our pain and hurt, We know you hold space for us, space for us to be our true selves (the selves you created us to be), to express our true emotions, no matter how dark they feel.”

Practicing His Presence- Let’s Taste Shalom {The Grove: Everyday Shalom} by Danielle Wheeler—”You’re checking email, scrolling social media. You pause to see if this post is worth your time. Will this inspire, encourage, or equip you? Will it scratch your itch? Or will it be more noise in the flow of internet overload? Can I invite to you step outside the noise for a moment?”

From Around the Web

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is….

Finding chocolate chips is rare treat in many places. When suitcase space allowed, these precious gems were excitedly added to a bowl and mixed together with flour and eggs and sugar. The end result, soft and chewy cookies, were a grace gift after long days.

Too often our life is compartmentalized, separating what we call our sacred, spiritual work and the ordinary tasks of each day. Instead of a holy mixing of the two, we keep up a barrier, almost like leaving the ingredients for cookies on opposite ends of the counter top.

We are blessed and sent by the Father, sisters, and He does not ask us to keep that distinction. He is part of every aspect of our day.

What has God been showing you about the value of the seemingly ordinary work you do?

Which area are you sensing that God wants to integrate more fully into the other parts of your life? 

Share your thoughts with us this week through the comments, at The Grove and on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetAshesIntegration.

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