Have You Seen? {November 5, 2017}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Need some time with Jesus? 

Maybe you need to

  • Release: Learning to live light and free
  • Commune: Closer to Christ, farther from fear
  • Receive: An invitation to God’s presence

Have a personal retreat using one of Velvet Ashes Retreats. Or spend a day with your team experiencing a tailor made retreat. Jesus knows what you need and is looking forward to spending time with you. See all retreats here.

Last Week’s Theme: Questions

Are You Still So Dull? by Karen Huber—”I can’t tell you how many times a hectic prayer and whispered, “Oh, please Jesus!” seemed to get me out of a tough spot. But somewhere in my 20s, theology studies, a shattered mind and a broken world left me wondering who exactly Jesus was. How could I manage a mumbling prayer when I couldn’t seem to find God anywhere?”

What Attributes of God Do I Mistrust the Most? {Book Club} by Amy Young—”‘Most books on suffering jump immediately to how God will act after the risk is taken and how he will help a person through suffering. God’s emotions are almost never addressed, and commonly there is a narrow focus on doctrinal truth. However, emotions felt by God are mentioned considerably more times in the Old Testament than concepts about God.’ This quote is going to stay with me. I love this and I’m going to be looking for it as I read in the OT.”

When a Relationship Makes You More Holy Than Happy by Lauren Pinkston—”I won’t pretend that reconciliation is easy. I won’t EVEN begin to act like working through conflict is fun or fulfilling or confidence-boosting. But reconciling interpersonal conflict is possible, and it might just be the holiest experience you have on the field. Forget launching Eternal movements or baptizing hundreds near river banks. Loving your teammate enough to move past your own happiness and SERVE HER WELL is a mission field itself.”

Open to Reflection by Danielle Krouch—”If that’s true—if transformation is the goal—then that should shape the way we communicate to friends, family, and in small groups. Just think, Jesus asked 307 questions. He only answered three directly. Jesus is not the giver of advice. He doesn’t give us a list of ten easy ways to be closer to God—just look on any online comment thread and you will see that people love to give advice and opinions! No, Jesus used questions to further reflection.”

The Beginning of Love {The Grove: Questions} by Patty Stallings—”Don’t you love when a friend asks a really good question? One that makes you pause and think more deeply? And don’t you love it even more when she listens well, waiting patiently as you ponder and process your answer? You feel heard. Valued. Known.”

From Around the Web

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is ….

If you pause for a moment and think about the word “Held,” what comes to mind?

Fear—being held back from something?

Desire—a longing to be held? Spiritually? Physically?

Images—memories of things or people you have held?

Truth—promises God has made to hold you?

Whatever it may stir in you, join us in the comments this week. Bring your blog posts to link up at The Grove.

Let’s have fun on Instagram with this week’s prompt! It’s pretty fascinating to see what different cultures hold and how they hold it. Keep your eyes out and your cameras ready this week. What do you find yourself holding that you never imagined you would?

Share your pics with #VelvetAshesHeld and collectively let’s remind each other of the One who holds us in the palm of his hand.

What do you think?

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