Have You Seen? {November 8, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Limits

Live Into The Limits by Jessica Hoover—”We will lose eternally more than we gain if we let our limits define us. It’s ok to wake up scared, but move past it to the promised peace that can and will pass all understanding. Where our understanding ends Christ holds tight. Where our grasping and clawing leaves us worn thin Christ is our stronghold.”

No, Thank You {Book Club} by Amy Young—”One of the limits I’d like to talk about is how different the reality of most ministries are compared to what I thought ministry would be like. I don’t know about your life, but my life looked a bit more like mundane tasks than thousands lining up to be baptized. And the pace?! I once sat down to figure out how much money supporters had given in my name over the years and the amount about made me sick. When I looked at what I had ‘accomplished’ compared to the dollar amount, I felt like a huckster.”

Weighing On My Conscience Like A Boulder by Kelly Carpenter—”I know when I am tempted to grumble that I have to love someone who is seeming really unlovable or I have to guard my eyes from reading that book I want to read or watching that movie I want to watch, knowing full well that I don’t need those images and words clouding my brain, that His commands don’t FEEL like love. They feel like burdens. Just like when our parents give us guidelines or rules for us, it doesn’t feel like they love us, but like they just don’t want us to have any fun!”

Oh, Right, Limits… by Krista Besselman—”I hadn’t respected my limits. I didn’t know what they were, and I didn’t think I needed to know. I focused on the output—a successful project—and kept trying to achieve it even as circumstances changed to demand more and more inputs—time and energy.”


From Around the Web

Responding to Extreme Exhaustion in Others and very helpful discussion in the comments.

I Really Did Grow Up to Be a Princess—”After all, I am one of the top 1% richest people in the world, even on an m’s salary.  If you make over $30,000 a year, you are too.  If that’s not a princess, I don’t know what is.”

Thriving in the In-Between

How to Keep Your Big Feelings From Derailing You — for those who wrestle with telling themselves, “This is the wrong feeling to have.”

Stress: Too Much and Too Little — the author asks the question: “Is stress, even cross-cultural stress, always a bad thing?”

For all of us who are “The Foreign Mom.” For all of us who dream Dreams for 11 1/2 Years

We’ll end today’s reading options with this beautiful blessing for cross-cultural workers. 

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…

rhythms 2

Tell me the story.

Take me back to the beginning and tell me the story.

Like a mother to her child on each birthday morn, tell me the story of birth and new life.

Tell me of the twinkle in God’s eye, the dream breathed down, the vision made real.

Mark the day. Make it a rhythm to my year. Root me in the story. Build me an altar of remembrance.

Climb up. Look back. Marvel.

Look ahead. Dream.

This week, we’re talking about “rhythm.” And we’re marking two years of Velvet Ashes, celebrating the 2nd birthday of the launch of our community.

We’re going to tell the story of Velvet Ashes, of how we came to be, of what we’ve grown into, and of what we dream to be.

This week at The Grove, we invite you to share on “Rhythm” (don’t miss the book club discussion on Emotionally Healthy Spirituality about what rhythm means to our lives). But we’re also inviting you to link up about what Velvet Ashes has meant to you. Through Velvet Ashes has God touched the rhythm to which you live and minister?

How has God met you this year through this community?

Maybe it’s been a Connection Group, maybe it was the Online Retreat, a book from Book Club, or the encouragement slipped into your inbox each day. Perhaps it’s been sharing your voice in writing, having a place to share your story and discover you are not alone.

This week we want to celebrate the hand of God in this place. We want to tell the story.

At The Grove we have some big audacious news to share with you, so be sure to join us beginning Thursday 6pm EST.

What do you think?

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