Have You Seen? {November 8th, 2020}

Last Week’s Theme: Not Afraid

Unafraid to Dream by Jenny Erlingsson—”This position gives us a significant vantage point through which to view our lives, our circumstances and our sphere of influence. We are invited to have kingdom perspective, to see with eyes of hope and to not agree with fear.”

It Starts with “Hello” {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”We also have to consider what we represent (our culture or ethnicity) to the people we are interacting with. What has our culture/ethnicity done to theirs? How have they been treated? We will be seen and judged in that light.”

Fear Not, Little Hummingbird by Stephanie Prater-Clarke—”He slowly extended his arms, tenderly cupping the bird with hands rugged from the day’s chores. There was no fight, no flinching, no resistance. The wearied bird had found its rest in the same hands that would soon set it free.”

Where Do We Go From Here? by Sarah Hilkemann—”Even though fear still grips my heart, even though so much is still unsettled, I am clinging to the hope that joy will be renewed. I am falling on my knees, desperate for God to make things new.”

From Around the Web

This week, for something a bit different, we’re having a roundup of old favorites! Enjoy!

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

2020 feels like a raging storm, while we sit huddled in a boat, worried we might sink.

Waves hit the sides of the boat: financial fears, worry about illness, closed borders and visas. Political unrest. Homesickness.

In Matthew 14, Jesus walked through the storm, out on the water toward the disciples. We know the story, right? In the midst of the fear, Peter steps over the side of the boat to meet Jesus. But then for a moment he turned his eyes away, back to the storm and the waves, and he started to sink.

Jesus immediately reached out to him. And he reaches out to us.

If you need words of hope and courage right now, join us this week. The stories and truth shared in our blog posts will help us turn our eyes back to Jesus.

Share your thoughts and the ways God is anchoring you, holding you up, with the hashtag #VelvetAshesUnsinkable.

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