Have You Seen? {October 1, 2017}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Homesick

Keeping Track of Sorrows By Danielle Krouch—”I like to picture Jesus upon my arrival in Heaven. He will cradle my face and trace the tracks that tears have made. He will gently hold my hands, as He recounts each hardship, each good-bye, and each sleepless night. Jesus is not dismissive of our grief. The Bible is full of people who were laden with lament.”

Taking the Temperature of Your Soul {Book Club} By Amy Young—”September is a good month to take the temperature of your soul when it comes to curiosity. I see truth in this Andy Stanley quote—”Everything in life conspires against our sense of wonder: age, experience, our jobs, even our church.”

Homesickness Feels Uncannily Like Grief By Adina—”I thought homesickness was a thing that would mature … that I could grow out of. But instead it morphed and found ways of picking different cultural pieces to spark to life that now-familiar feeling. Instead of getting better at change each time, I found I was leaving more of my heart behind me with each new country and struggling more to adapt to the new one.”

Our Home in Christ by Anna Smit—”You see, sometimes He closes doors and asks us to sit with Him so that He might refresh and re-affirm us in our calling. And I don’t mean a calling to a particular ministry, but a calling to live as His beloved children, to live in such intimate communion with Him that His fragrant perfume pours out of us into the lives of others, leading them to Him, without us even trying.”

Finding Hope in Homesickness {The Grove: Homesick} by Joy Smalley—”I spent years trying to suppress this sickness that seems to trail behind me. Maybe if I dig roots deep enough? Maybe if I let go of the past? Maybe if I just don’t need anyone? Maybe then, the grip of loss will lessen on my soul and I will be able to move forward with life. Stable and free from grief.”

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And Now for Next Week

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