Have You Seen? {October 11 , 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Warning

Ignore or Heed? by Laura McLain—”A year ago anxiety consumed me. All of the stress and miscommunication and underlying tension of the past year and a half on the field were peaking. Burnout was no longer a matter of if but when. As I immersed myself in Scripture and sought counsel, the anxiety eased. However, the circumstances didn’t change.”

Unleashing a Revolution {Book Club} by Amy Young—”I appreciated in chapter 3 after he listed what we teach a person after they become a Christian that he said, ‘All of the previous are excellent steps to being on a journey with Christ. Yet they are simply not enough. After a few years many find that past, deeply rooted behavioral patterns that move them away from Christ remain entrenched.’ We know this is the truth, don’t we?”

We’re Supposed To Get Broken by Eluned Phipps—”It occurred to me, or God said to me:’ You know what? You’re supposed to get broken! You’re not supposed to be super-human.. Humans get tired and broken, and if you do too much for too long that’s what happens.'”

The End of Me by Jenilee Goodwin—”I can’t force the power to stay on or water to enter our reserve tank. I can’t even make a to do list because I don’t know what the conditions will be when I open my eyes in the morning. I’m at the loss of me. The wall has been hit. The crash happened. But the beauty of that?”

Warnings and Personalities {The Grove: Warning} by Amy Young—”And this is where I see, again, the need for the gospel. In our brokenness, we can go to one extreme or the other: loving warnings or hating them. Using them to manipulate or bully people, or finding ways around them to usurp God given authority in our lives. Jesus died to redeem everything. Everything, friends! Even words like ‘warning.’”

From Around the Web

This was a rich week!

You’re not alone when you feel you need to Pretend to be Useful.

For Mamas of littles: it gets better.

“If you’re a cross-cultural worker, you’ve likely sat through meetings intended to teach you fundraising strategies. . . And if you’re anything like me, you’ve had serious misgivings about the usual models.” FUNDRAISING CONFUSION: Survey Results.

When Someone You Love Dies, and You are Far, Far Away. In in a related vein I Slept Through My Best Friend’s Wedding.

Ask a counselor: how do we process loss and grief? Including “five processing exercises you can try at home for yourself, and pass along to your older TCK’s for them to try as well.”

Learning to Cook Overseas, a Cookbook Giveaway and The Grossest Thing You’ve Eaten.

6 Reasons Furloughs are Awesome (sort of).

Finally, Here’s What I Learned When My Life Didn’t Pan Out.

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…

authenticity 2

We’re peeling off the façade, we’re looking our warnings full on in the face, and now this week we’re taking a brave step towards authentic living.

What does authenticity mean?  Let’s turn to Brené Brown’s profound definition:

Screen Shot 2015-10-10 at 8.26.03 AM

Is that not a gorgeous description of the life we all long for?  The life we can have by the power of the Holy Spirit?

What does authenticity mean for you?  Where are you in this practice?  How has cross-cultural living affected you?

If you need a safe community in which to wrestle this out, join us this week for some amazing posts.  Bring your own blog post link ups to The Grove beginning Thursday at 6pm EST.

What do you think?

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