Have You Seen? {October 13, 2019}

Last Week’s Theme: Fruits of the Spirit

Seasons of Joy by Katelyn Comer—” ‘What about when things change? Will you choose joy then?‘ I felt the Lord whisper these words to my heart. My mind started racing in a million directions from those questions. Then I felt the Lord call my attention back to Him, ‘Will you still find joy when things aren’t easy?’ ‘Of course!‘ I responded, but I quickly tucked such thoughts to the back of my mind. Right now life was sweet, and I was going to enjoy it. God continued to fill me with joy as I soaked up all He was doing in that season.”

We Don’t Want to Be Weak {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”I had such big dreams when I moved overseas. I was going where no one else was heading, sharing Jesus with those who had never heard about him before. There would be churches and movements, transformation and discipleship and oh, the amazing stories I would be able to write home about. A few months in to living in an isolated village area, I fell off my cross-cultural worker pedestal as it crumbled to the ground. How was I supposed to love the people there when I could hardly get along with my teammate? How was I supposed to see big things happen when I could hardly force myself out of bed? How was I supposed to share Jesus with my neighbors when they cut the electricity wires to our home, shut off our water, and gossiped about me within earshot?”

Thank Goodness by Denise Beck—”I need people no matter where I serve to see that there is good in the world because God is good! He created the world and called it good! And people no matter whom or what they serve are drawn to partake in the good. However, there is goodness in those who follow Jesus…and that looks different.”

Stop It! by Joy Smalley—”To me, this is self-control, when honest self-knowledge opens the door to God’s healing power so that we are no longer bound to repeat the patterns of the past. When we are no longer bound by the power of what we could not control but are free to choose how we respond based on truth and an understanding of what experiences have hardwired our bodies. Not a denial of weakness but an understanding of it.”

The Picture of Gentleness {The Grove: Fruits of the Spirit} by Jenilee Goodwin—”We all have a sweet, beautiful picture of gentleness in our head. The mom who gently bandages her son’s knee. The grandma who gently teaches her granddaughter to sew. The teacher who gently explains the meaning of a new word. The pastor who gently offers words of wisdom to a family in need. The father who gently prays over a holiday meal. Moments of gentleness that create all the warm, fuzzy feelings. Moments that inspire paintings, tell stories and bring tears to our eyes. Then, real life happens.

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

It is probably our most prized possession as an overseas worker. We can’t go anywhere without it. Losing this item will cause headaches and drama and panic.

Our passport.

If we all stood in a circle holding up these precious passports, the colors would range from blue to red to green to black, featuring different emblems and representing places around the world.

We love this diversity, the way our community forms a beautiful tapestry that pictures the Kingdom for us in a unique way. This week we want to celebrate this and give greater voice to each of you and the passport country you represent.

What unique perspective does your passport (or birth or home) country give you? Because of this perspective, what gifts do you bring to the Velvet Ashes community? We can’t wait to dialogue with you this week, both in the blog post comments as well as over on Instagram. Use the hashtag #VelvetAshesPassportCulture to share your story, your thoughts and let’s have fun this week as we learn more about each other!

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