Have You Seen? {October 18, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Authenticity

Remember This When You’re Tired of Being Real by Jessica Hoover — “I crave authenticity, but I have found myself growing weary in recent years of the work it takes to be real. True heart connection in community is beautiful. Walking in lock step with another believer who just gets it fills our souls full. Don’t be fooled for a second though because it is hard work.Our lives overseas can feel like rotating doors of people.”

Do You Know Who You Are {Book Club} by Amy Young — “To know our ‘authentic self’ Scazzero had four suggestions: Pay attention to your interior ion silence and solitude, Find trusted companions, Move out of your comfort zone, and Pray for courage.”

Being Someone Else Is Better Than Being Me by Kat Barton — “I wrestled with this thought and idea of, ‘Who am I?,’ and after coming into a relationship with Christ at the age of 20 it only got worse. Personality wise I’ve never really been like “most” girls. I tend to be outspoken, and independent, someone who knows what they want and not afraid to go after it. Stepping on many toes along the way. I would look at the other girls in my college ministry and see them quiet and more docile, ready to submit to the group or a leader at a moment’s notice.

Who Am I Here? by Jodie Pine — “I no longer had to answer what had become my least favorite question of all time: ‘What’s your ideal job?’ And have my answer of being a mom bounce back at me with a blank stare. I felt like I had nothing to offer those career-minded college students. And that felt like a rejection of who I was.”

When You Hate Where You Live {The Grove – Authenticity} by Danielle Wheeler — “You may hate where you live. You may be struggling with fierce negative emotion in another area.  Whatever it is, can I nudge you right now to go be with God? Go take your authentic self before him and dump your heart out. And then? Just wait. Wait and listen. I think the Spirit of God wants to speak to our hearts if we’re willing to be real and then quiet.”

From Around the Web

“I can honestly say, that after 2 full months of living in Africa, there are moments that I do not want to be here.”

Remember Sue Eenigenburg from Expectations and BurnoutShe writes about leaving a legacy of leaving.

Sometimes Africa Scares Me.

How Living Overseas Changed My Parenting and How Living Overseas Drained the Extrovert Out of Me. 

Finally, this is a fascinating collection of Motherhood Around the World.

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…

past 3

This week’s theme is “Past”.  A loaded word.  We know.

Some of us avoid thinking about the past at all costs, not wanting to walk into the dark room of pain that lies behind that door.  Others have taken the hand of Jesus and bravely cracked open the door and trusted Him to be the lamp in those dark places.

Wherever you are on that spectrum, we invite you to listen this week for God’s invitation to you.  It might be a gentle invitation to trust Him with that first glance back.  Or an invitation to reflect deeply on where He’s met you in your past.  Maybe it’s an invitation to rejoice in His faithfulness.

Whatever His invitation to you, this we are certain of – He loves you with an everlasting love and is drawing you with His lovingkindness. To rejoice, to rest, to embrace, to forgive, to be forgiven, to mourn, to be comforted, to experience His presence in your past.  And give you hope for your future.

If you need a safe community in which to wrestle this out, join us this week for some amazing posts.

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