Have You Seen? {October 2, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Sacrifice

The Unexpected Sacrifices by Jenilee Goodwin—”All of those expected sacrifices, and many others, had already crossed my mind as our new normal. The clash arrived between the things I knew I would sacrifice and the things I was being forced to sacrifice. It was a clash that tipped my world and made me reconsider my willingness to live out the sacrifice.”

What Was Jesus Trying to Undo {Book Club} by Amy Young—”I read about love. I read about duty. I read, ‘We’ve been so inculcated in the church with the idea that sacrifice is good and beautiful and necessary, it’s a little hard to shift perspective–but maybe this is something that Jesus Christ our pelican is trying to get us to do. He isn’t trying to reinforce the system; he is trying to undo it.’”

Learning to Kiss It Goodbye by Karen Huber—”Now, I’m no homebody, and my family is far from perfect. We’re a lovely dysfunctional crew, mightily pruned and grafted back together into a slightly messy family tree. But eight years ago, when we first departed that Midwest airport, kissing them goodbye – though a sacrifice, to be sure – didn’t carry the full weight of Christ’s admonition. But this is the truth: forsaking our earthly families of origin is a real sacrifice we all have made, equal in strength and loss no matter our plumbing situation.”

Never Underestimate Sacrifice by Jessica Hoover—”Our sacrifices are much deeper than food and air conditioning. Our sacrifices are a small losing of parts of ourselves and we do so without the assurance we will ever get those things back. When we commit our lives to overseas work we are not unlike Father Abraham with dagger poised high and a tear streaming down.”

How Much Sacrifice is Too Much? {The Grove – Sacrifice} by Danielle Wheeler—”‘Why are you running so hard?’ the counselor asked us as we sat in his office a few years ago. My husband and I looked at each other, hoping the other would answer this question. We knew what the counselor saw, a life beyond full with ministry efforts, heaped on top of raising small children, all taking place in a challenging living environment. Throw in . . . ”

Instagram Highlight for #VelvetAshesSacrifice


Thank you to everyone who shared their hearts on sacrifice this week on Instagram. Check them all out with #veletashessacrifice. Here’s a highlight from @emilyjane32:

When I think about sacrifice, I’m tempted to say I’m in a season where I am not sacrificing much of anything. I just spent three years sacrificing everything until I had nothing left. I sacrificed time, sleep, money, rest, relationships, health, safety, fun…I couldn’t think of anything more I could sacrifice, but this sacrifice was unsustainable.
Right now I’m sacrificing by stepping out of the classroom away from a job I love. I’m sacrificing by accepting the consequences of the last years and doing the hard work of healing. I am delaying hopes and dreams. I’m making choices that are easily misunderstood. I moved across the world so I could seek truth and goodness and wholeness. I am sacrificing what I have without knowing what is next. The sacrifice needed was not gritting my teeth and continuing on. Instead, it was stopping, laying down my plans, and allowing God to heal my heart while I rest.

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .


Our hearts are locked in an embrace with our desires. These deep longings stealthily tug us one way and then the other, influencing our decisions, attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors – all in an effort to get these desires fulfilled.

The desires for significance, belonging, goodness, justice, security, approval, comfort – all of them – were meant to be filled through a loving relationship with our God. But we try to fill in the gaps with human effort and discipline, and sadly, sometimes with manipulation and deceit.

So, we are going to explore desire this week, become more aware of how desires influence us and fuel our motivation. And in the middle of that exploration, may our hearts be more fully awakened to His invitation to sink all our hopes, affections, and desires into His heart of love for us.

Since the language of desire is often imbedded in images and experiences, this is the perfect week to share with us on Instagram. Tag your photos with #VelvetAshesDesire And bring your blog posts to The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST.


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