Have You Seen? {October 24th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: When We Doubt

Digging Up in Doubt by Stephanie Prater-Clarke—”Help my unbelief. Because the winds of change over the past few years have become more abrasive than they have been pliable. Their intensity has increased without notice, brought on by the wildest of circumstances, and I confess that I am shaken. There. I said it. I am shaken.”

You Had It All Along, My Dear {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”I find it easy to believe that God can do anything. I have no trouble understanding that God’s way is always the best way. I can recognize and identify many of God’s good gifts in my life. And yet, I also know that he doesn’t always do what I want. That makes it very difficult to surrender a desire to God because it means accepting that “no” is a possible answer.”

Battling the Doubts + Crispy Pulled Pork by Ashley Felder—”When the doubts and questions fly around my head, I take a moment to remember. Remembering and recalling is a powerful way for me to adjust my perspective. When I can recall all the times God has been faithful, given abundant grace, or pulled us through an issue I couldn’t see the end of, my heart is grateful once again.”

When My Heart is Overwhelmed by Jenny Erlingsson—”I could see where I had let myself get carried away. Once again, my thinking and emotions were swung around by situations that seemed so out of my control. The people closest to my heart were struggling and it was eating away at my confidence in why we were even here.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

“That’s a great question!”

Whether we are guests on a podcast or in conversation over lattes, we all love questions that stir up stories, that get to the heart of the matter. Questions that are fun and different, making us dig deep and think about a topic we haven’t considered in a while.

Kaitlyn Bouchillon posted several questions she wanted her friends to ask her as a single woman. Full permission. We loved this idea of the vulnerability of letting others know, “Hey, these are questions that would be helpful. This would really challenge me to be honest about the real and the hard and the good in my life.”

So let’s chat about it this week! What questions would you like supporters, your teammates, your spouse to ask you? What would lead to conversations that encourage and edify, that meet you right where you are?

Share your list of questions with us! Join in the conversations on social media or on our blog as we raise our hands and say, “Ask me!”


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