Have You Seen? {October 25, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Past

The Secret Life of a Sinful Expat by Anonymous—”At that point, I was in too deep (or so I thought). I couldn’t confess to those in my community, because I was afraid I would lose my job. I couldn’t confess to friends, because the ones who could help lived too far away and the ones around me might report my actions to those who would kick me out of my job. It was a nasty vicious cycle.”

And You Thought Your Family Was Nuts {Book Club}—”The subtitle of today’s chapter is one for each of us: breaking the power of the past. Because no matter whether your past was awful, had normal ups and downs, or idyllic, it has formed you and has hidden power that needs to be addressed (or needed to be addressed).”

When The One Who Waits For You Isn’t There Anymore by Danielle Krouch—On furlough, I knew grandma would be waiting for me to stop in. When I was away in Asia, I would picture her sitting in her house, praying over her family. Then one year while I was living in northeast China, I got the email that my grandma had passed on to heaven. When I went to the United States next, she wouldn’t be pulling up a chair to hear how things were going.”

I Will Remember: We Are Not Consumed by Karen Huber—”The curse is that I project all my childhood fears and anxieties upon them. Sure, we are happily married and serving the Lord with glad hearts overseas, but I tend to discount the high value of that truth. When I see my children, I see myself walking into that school lonely and afraid, and more than a little bit angry with my parents. I think of all we put them through with moving overseas and back again and don’t even think twice about emotionally self-flagellating.”

Renewing Your Mind {The Grove: Past} by Patty Stallings who interviewed Mae—”I had this one sided conversation with God for more than fifteen years. ‘Will I ever stop struggling with my sexuality? What’s going to keep me from doing worse things? I’m happy being single, so I don’t really need it. Can you just take it away?’ I started masturbating when I was around seven years old.”

From Around the Web

During the month of October Leslie is writing daily on 31 Days of Re-EntryRead through it now if you’re re-entering or know someone who is. Bookmark it for later, when you re-enter in some form.

We journey together.

When God Doesn’t Heal. “Sometimes it is braver to share the messy middle, without the redemption, the lesson, the part where it all starts to make sense. Sometimes we just need to sit in that tension and feel the lack of resolution: that hunger for the world to be put right; for death and disease to be no more; for God to be near; for every tear to be wiped from our eyes.”

Ways to Show Filial Piety to Your Parents when you live abroad.

Learning to say goodbye.

Finally, Disney World or Africa?

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…


We are a people who believe God is in control. Often this refrain is one of great comfort. But not always.

This week we will camp around the idea of control. What do you control? What’s out of your control? Where might you need to take more control? Where might you need to let some control go?

What are you thankful you don’t control?

All this an more this week at Velvet Ashes! So glad you’ll join us this week for some amazing posts. Bring your own blog post link ups to The Grove beginning Thursday at 6pm EST.

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