Have You Seen? {October 31st, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Ask Me

Ask Me, I’m Ready! by Karli Von Herbulis—”Some of these questions feel safe in almost any context; others will be more sensitive. But in general, I’ve found that choosing to safely share more with our supporters and show them vulnerability has always been a good decision.”

A Happy Ending {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”There is something satisfying about turning the last page of a book and having all the threads tied off in a nice bow, all problems happily solved, all questions answers.”

Questions to Deepen Relationships by Emily Miller—”We hope that our supporters are learning about us and that we are learning about them – building deeper relationships that go far beyond financial transactions and prayer requests.”

If Life Doesn’t Look Like What You Hoped For by Kaitlyn Bouchillon—”As a type-A firstborn, it’s no surprise that I love a good list. I sat at the table, intentionally listing the gifts, the grace He has lavishly poured out: relationships seemingly broken beyond repair now mended back together; four surgeries before twenty-six, all with the same result: benign; His financial provision through years of figuring out the adventure of self-employment.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Did you learn a new hobby? Plan the most creative at-home date night? Figure out ways to stay connected with family when your home assignment didn’t happen like you planned? 

We don’t want to ignore the hard parts of multiple lockdowns or the losses of the last year and a half.

But we want to look at some of the lighter or joyful parts. What’s the ‘victory’ that you are claiming from lockdown? What’s your one thing that you want to hang on to? 


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