Have You Seen? {October 3rd, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: On Being a Woman – Mental Health

He Holds Me by Rachel Mutesi—”It was the state of my spiritual health that made me realize that this was more than a difficult season. And so, there I was in the doctor’s office, believing I had failed, asking for help. My doctor got me tissues and listened carefully. She told me that she was proud of me and that I was brave. She said that this moment I thought was failure was actually a victory.”

Listen First {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”If the truth is being spoken in these encounters, it is not being spoken in love. There is no relationship out of which to speak. Neither truth nor love are communicated without a bridge built by listening. Dr Slattery wrote, ‘You have no platform to speak into someone’s sexual choices or beliefs if you’ve not chosen to first understand that person’s world.’ ”

Broken Bones, Broken Brains by Joy Smalley—”When we live in a culture that is not our own, we are surrounded by the unknown. This is a bigger deal than we might think because, as we face an unknown experience, our entire body preps itself for every eventuality. When we don’t know what to expect, we have to expect everything.”

You’re Not the Only One by Cosette Wang—”He slowly peeled back layers, showing the root causes behind my anxiety. He exposed lies and half-truths that I had believed for far too long. As he did that, he brought support and encouragement to me physically, spiritually, relationally, and mentally. I came out of that dark valley trusting him in a way I had never experienced before.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Photo by João Medina on Unsplash

Prayer might be the only thing keeping you going in this season. It might be your lifeline. Or it might feel like your prayers are empty and talking to God is a struggle.

How is your prayer life?

This week we get to set aside time as a community for the Unplugged Retreat focused on Jesus and prayer. You might be limping into this time feeling like a failure when it comes to prayer, and there’s space for you. If you are in a season of rejoicing, we will rejoice with you and we can’t wait to see how God expands your heart and fills you.

There’s still time to join us for the Unplugged Retreat! All you need is the Retreat Guide, and intentional time to meet Jesus. Let him lead you on a journey to go deeper in your prayer life.

What have you been learning about prayer recently, both in the answers and the waiting? We are so looking forward to our conversations this week.



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