Have You Seen? {October 4th, 2020}

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Last Week’s Theme: Tending Your Soul

Tending Your Soul with Three Questions by Jodie Pine—”The reality is that we need to locate a sprinkler and provide our dying grass with more regular watering. And if I want my soul to thrive, in a similar way, I need to stop ignoring its signs of deep thirst.

Bringing Our Racial Wounds to the Altar {Book Club} by Lauren Pinkston—”Only then, once we have affirmed one another’s racial narratives and accepted the lived experiences we each carry, can we truly understand how the Creator loves and unites us. This is an active choice, and one that takes great energy and humility to act upon.”

Taking Your Pulse by Monica F—”We tend to the needs of others, while oftentimes ignoring our own needs. We are women who are good at pouring into the lives of others around us, but we must also let the Father pour into us!”

The Vision We Need When We Tend Our Soul by Lily—”Seeing Christ as the one who surely completes our salvation, knowing him as our living hope, is what fuels our joy through trials. The glory of Christ is so irresistible, that even though we cannot see him with our physical eyes, we can still see him with faith eyes and adore with joy everything Christ is…and that he is for us!”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

“Here I am.”

Three simple words that reveal a complete surrender and willingness to obey, no matter what. Our hearts are open to hear God’s call, to let Him uncover what He wants and needs to in us. 

This beautiful phrase is found throughout Scripture. We can join Abraham, Jacob, Isaiah and others who said, “Here I am” to the Father, no matter what the cost.

Your “here” might not be at all what you envisioned for 2020. The surrender asked of you might be scary, painful or full of anticipation.

Are you ready to explore this rich phrase with us this week?

“Here I Am” is also the theme of our upcoming Unplugged Retreat. There’s still time to join, to set aside time with the Father and dig deeper into Scripture as we listen to Him.

Share your stories with us this week on social media with the hashtag #VelvetAshesHereIAm.

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