Have You Seen? {October 9, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Returning Well Group: Registration Opens Monday

For those of you who have been waiting for the Returning Well Group, your wait is nearly over! Melissa Chaplin, life coach and author of Returning Well will host this special group for five participants who are transitioning back to the passport country. Transitioning back to your passport country is one of the hardest we can make, right? It is best to engage this process 2-6 months after you have returned and during your first year of re-entry. For more information on dates, the book you need to buy, the movie to watch before the group starts, and the coaching agreement to review, click here.

Thank you Melissa and we are excited for those who can participate. Registration will open on Monday at 6 p.m. EST.



We believe the very BEST way we can support each other is through prayer. We believe God’s movement in our lives is mysteriously connected with prayer. That’s why we’ve created a Prayer Wall on our site! Any Instagram picture (from a non-private account) that is shared with #VelvetAshesPrayer will appear on our Prayer Wall, creating a beautiful place for us to pour over each other in prayer.  And it’s a place for our Strategic Prayer Partners to come and pray over you too!  Include your praises and requests and together let’s bring our prayers together across the world!

If you want a more private place to share prayer requests and what’s going on in your life, we invite you to join our “Velvet Ashes Prayer & Encouragement Group” on Facebook.  Search for the group’s name in Facebook and request to join this private group!

And we always welcome you to email your prayer requests to us at [email protected].  Our team of Strategic Prayer Partners will pray for you!

Don’t forget as you share your heart and life on Instagram to include both the #velvetashes and #velvetashesprayer tags so we can be connected lift each other up!

Last Week’s Theme: Desire

The Daily Grind of Desiring God by M’Lynn Taylor—”But sometimes desiring God feels like chasing the sunset, stumbling upon his glory when I least expect it…driving home from an unplanned errand, looking into the rearview and noticing the most dazzling, intricately painted sky, like it was put there just for me to notice it. Other times, I have to seek out the sunset…intentionally planning my day just right and climbing up a mountain for a good spot to see the glory. And the reward is sweet.”

Is the Shortest Path the Best One? {Book Club} by Amy Young—”As you think about your desires—for marriage, for your marriage, for children, for your children, for your finances, for a friendship, or to be seen differently within your organization, for language ability, or health, or meaningful work, or a visa—what is the risk that comes with it? The risk is real but because the desire touches the deep, deep of who we are, we can downplay the importance to ourselves OR we can downplay the risks involved.”

Seeking Jesus Amidst the Current Chaos + Banana Bread Oatmeal Recipe by Ashley Felder—”I’m slowly learning that if changes don’t start with me, though, I won’t see changes in my household. Right now, I’m the most-watched example in their lives. Instead of lingering on what a terrifying thought that is, my prayer is that I move forward to what a great opportunity it is to shine the light of Jesus into their lives.”

Pringles, a Cracked Plastic Spoon, and the Desire of our Souls by Renee Aupperlee—”When you want something bad enough, it’s funny how your perspective changes. It’s amazing what you become willing to do in order to get it. Suddenly things we wish we could have or experience or do become things we think we need to have or experience or do.”

The Language of Desire {The Grove: Desire} by Patty Stallings—”Desires fuel our motivation to act and think in particular ways. They push and they pull on our decisions. They lay underneath most every interaction. Desires tilt and shift and maneuver in an insatiable pursuit to be fulfilled. And they are God-given. Really?”

From Around the Web

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How to Host the Best-Ever Short-Term Team.

6 Ways to Heal from Cumulative Grief & Trauma and Grief, Loss, and Transition.

Finally, A letter to the numb-hearted.

And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .


“To restore or return to any former and better state or condition.” So much hope in the definition. So much so, my soul exhales just a little bit.

This is part of the Good News we have—first to live and then to share.

God is in the business of recovery.

We know that while recovery can come in the form of a miracle, often God works in the slow daily walk to heal a trauma, change the trajectory of relationship, hold a hand in the midst of a storm. He restores through professional help, through relationships, through his word, through helping us implement decisions we have made.

This week, we will explore areas that God has been in the business of recovering. As you read this, what jumps to mind where you could use recovery? Can you sit with what came to mind and ask God to show you next steps for you this week?

Tag your photos with #VelvetAshesRecovery on Instagram. We’ll see you at The Grove beginning Thursday 6pm EST where you can link up blog posts and jump in the conversation in the comments.

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