Have You Seen? {September 12th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: On Being a Woman – Fertility

Peace in the Passing by Ashley Felder—”Throughout the entire day of the second exam, the Lord had been pouring out His peace on us. It can only be described just as He did…beyond our understanding. Over our delicious Indian meal (a rare treat), we praised God for knowing more than we did and clinging to His promises of doing what is the absolute best for us all.”

A Safe Place to Talk {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”And honestly it might be weird. You and I might not agree with each other, or with where Dr. Slattery lands or what she recommends. That’s okay. The fact that we are thinking about God’s design for sexuality and adding on the layer of specific issues we face regarding sexuality as cross-cultural workers is significant.”

When Answers Don’t Come by Megan Ingvoldstad—”I will never know this side of heaven why the Lord allowed those arduous years to pass before He gave us children. It was certainly not according to what we had planned, but it had brought us to a tender spot of thankfulness. Our journey to having our first child had been difficult. It was a barren season for my soul as well. My heart felt broken.”

Goodbye, Dear One by Eva Burkholder—”Accepting the reality of this pregnancy had been difficult. I had delayed taking a test and telling others because the timing didn’t fit my plans. But God had determined I should have a third child, so I relinquished control and accepted his gift. Now this surrender added to my confusion. How could this be happening now? Did I do something wrong?

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Hot flashes and life in the tropics?

Foggy brain and the stress of cross-cultural life?

Perimenopause and menopause combined with overseas life might sound completely overwhelming! Or you might be living it out right now and you just need a girl chat over some chocolate. We’ll pull the fan over and pour our hearts out this week as we dive into the topic of menopause.

Some women breeze through “the change” and others, not so much! Whether menopause feels a long way off or you can look back and smile that you made it through, we hope you will join us for some honest, funny and real talk this week about menopause with sisters in this community.  

How has going through menopause on the field impacted you as you serve, with changing energy levels or emotions? 

If you find yourself on the other side, what advice or stories would you share?



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