Have You Seen? {September 13, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Connect

I Tend To Be Guarded and Wasn’t Sure How THIS Would Go by Kaylee Kelm — “It was fun to learn about a different region of the world while also realizing that the issues they deal with ‘over there’ are so similar to the issues we deal with ‘here.'”

What’s the Wallpaper of Your Soul? {Book Club} by Amy Young — “God is compassionate, loving kindness. All we’re asked to do is to be in the world who God is. Certainly compassion was the wallpaper of Jesus’ soul, the contour of his heart, it was who he was. I hear someone say once, ‘Just assume the answer to every question is compassion.” (Father Gregory Boyle)

When You Don’t Feel Safe or Accepted by Kelly Carpenter — “Something I never would have expected when entering the field (and don’t wish on anyone else) is the feeling of not feeling safe or accepted in my current situation on the field. Language barriers left us pretty isolated in our community, and difficult relationships on the field left for a lack of friendship and connection.”

Having People Around is Not the Same As Connecting by Valerie Browne — “I was a bit of a social butterfly through my school years, which led me to believe that having people around me meant that I was connecting with others. Then I came to China where the concept of having people ‘around’ you takes on a whole new meaning! I quickly realized that I could still face issues of isolation even if people were touching me on every side in the crowded subway.”

Why Connection Matters More than Connection Groups {The Grove: Connect} by Amy Young — “We call it The Fall, but after meditating and preparing for the post, I’m inclined to call it The Disconnection. They hid. What more is hiding than disconnecting? Disconnection started with being disconnected from God but it didn’t end there. It also includes: . . . ”

From Around the Web

A letter worth reading: Dear Oldies (a letter from a newbie).

For fun — How to Make Chocolate Chip Cookies in Just Two Months!

Failing at Fatherhood (how moving abroad ruined my parenting) — actually a good reminder for us all on the changes we need to make when we move abroad.

The Syrian Crisis is distressing to many of us. The last line of this article is something to chew on: Syrian Refugees and All My Excuses.

My Kids Are Not Little M’s.

Finally, this is from a few weeks ago, but saw it this week and wanted to share. MKs AND MARRIAGE – Six Reasons We May Struggle

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…

adjust 2

Last week we said, “Sometimes, don’t you wish connecting was a once and done? But that’s not how God works. So this week we will look at connections to God, ourselves, others, the cultures we live in, the cultures we’re from.”

This week we’re tackling another theme that will always be in play no matter how much time you’ve spent at your location: the need to adjust.

If you’re new to the field, you know you need to adjust. What you might not realize is the depth to which adjusting needs to become part of your heart posture. Adjust to new holiday rhythms (and maybe your country adding and changing holidays at a rate that doesn’t make sense to you). Adjust to new teammates of the years. Adjust to new roles, stages, and seasons of life. Adjust to changes in family back home. Adjust to a ministry landscape that shifts and needs you to pay attention and not shift into autopilot.

As you can see, this is a theme we’re going to have a rich week mining.

What are you currently adjusting to right now?  What are your lessons on adjusting from the past?  Bring your link ups and come share your story with us at The Grove beginning on Thursday, 6 pm US EST to share your own journey and insights as we gather around the theme of Adjust.


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