Have You Seen? {September 23, 2018}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Belong

When We Let Go of Comparison by Sarah Hilkemann—”When my eyes are focused downward, my mind travels down the rut of comparison with every encounter, conversation and relationship. I stick points in my favor (Master’s degree, check. Nice smile, check. I can read the language, check.) or take them away when I’m lacking. I don’t want to play that game anymore.”

Waiting Well {Book Club} by Sarah Hilkemann—”Whether we are in a hospital waiting room, or cross-legged on the floor of a village hut, sometimes our presence is the greatest gift we can give. Has someone done that for you? What does this gift look like as you extend it to others in your context?”

On Becoming an Outside by Kelly Delp—”The thing about being welcomed when you don’t deserve it, is that you begin to want to extend the same to others. When we have those moments of welcome in our host culture, it helps us understand what it is to be an outsider who is invited in. It reveals to us the invitation of Christ and the power of welcome and hospitality.”

There is One by Renee Aupperlee—”We long to be seen and known and loved…to be an essential puzzle piece of something bigger than ourselves. In our overseas life, we ache to become true members of our communities, to have friendships that run long and wide and deep. We hope for teams that will be safe places, where we are missed if we’re not there. When we return to our passport country, we dream of reuniting with family and friends, sitting around tables where a place is always saved for us.”

When Belonging is Elusive {The Grove: Belong} by Amy Young—”Sometimes you have to fight for belonging because belonging doesn’t come quickly or easily, but it does come. If you find yourself not belonging and you want to, the struggle is worth it.”

From Around the Web

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is….

Labor: Physical or mental exertion, especially when difficult or exhausting; work.

Our focus is often on the end result of labor: a babe in arms, project completed, house built, well dug, Word translated. In between start and finish is just plain hard, whether we are talking about contractions or tasks or daily life on the field.

Out of the intensity of our labor, God is birthing new life both in us and before us. This week we want to celebrate and honor the entire process of this mighty work. Is the Father leading you through a season of deep heart refining with the promise of gold on the other side? Are you looking ahead to laboring and delivering a little one while on the field? Are you overwhelmed by the daily exertion of your calling?

There are so many ways we want to dig deep into this theme as we walk through this week together. Make sure to share your thoughts and stories in the comments and at the Grove! Your pictures are welcome on Instagram using the hashtag #VelvetAshesLabor.

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  1. Phyllis September 23, 2018

    I can’t get the first “From around the web” link to work.

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