Have You Seen {September 4, 2016}

Welcome to Have You Seen? We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Overcome

Overcoming My American Self by Stacy Dyck—”Overcoming my American self meant overcoming my sense of entitlement. Recognizing areas of entitlement in my life did not happen until I moved overseas and I had to begin living without claim to much at all. From the insignificant moments like being chastised for my normal practice of putting ice in my drink to the bigger ones like expecting a certain level of emergency room care for my child only to realize that idea was Not-An-Option.”

Moments and Seeing and Wonder {Book Club} by Amy Young—”So much in this book relates to life overseas. Feeling different. Needing to take risks and learn a new system. Trying to figure out who is really your friend and who might have an angle . . . and then when you realize a friendship might not have been what you thought it was, deal with the hurt, disappointment, and anger.”

When Going to the Copy Store Becomes Your Arch Nemesis by Ruth Felt—”Maybe you are struggling with something really big and significant. Something spiritual. Something to write a book about. Or maybe you are struggling to overcome your fear of making copies. (Is there a phobia for that?) Sometimes the hardest struggles are those private daily ones, the ones that seem so petty, the ones that nobody else sees. Whether you are two weeks or twenty years in, those little things can really trip you up.”

Coming Over to Overcoming {The Grove: Overcome} by Amy Young—”I have mild reading problems so when I saw the beautiful image made for this week’s word, my mind processed it ‘Come over’ instead of ‘Overcome.’ What if one of the invitations of the word overcome is to “come over” to God’s idea of overcoming? What if we wean ourselves from how our home cultures see overcoming and slow ourselves down enough to ask God what it means to be an overcomer in a certain situation?”

Instagram Highlight for #VelvetAshesOvercome

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 6.11.39 PM

This week we talked about overcoming, tagged our questions #velvetashesquestions and the repost comes from @cmbrunsell reminds us the importance this phase has in our seasons.


Today held nearly 4 miles of walking/exploring around Garden of the Gods in Colorado. Such a small distance but then I remind myself that the last time I was physically able to walk that distance was December 2015. Nearly 8 months of dealing with broken bones and torn ligaments; of walking boots, splints, casts and crutches; of surgery, recovery, countless appointments and weeks of physical therapy. When I remember that, four miles no longer seems small. 8 months at home that was only supposed to be 3, at most.

The interesting thing is that in overcoming broken bones I was gifted time and loneliness to overcome the hell of a first term overseas that was marked by countless valleys, abuse, and discouragement. I landed back on US soil not wanting to see anyone or be around people. The first few months were marked with sleepless nights and lots of tears. That broken foot that refused to heal? What a gift it was in forcing me to slow to all but nothing and in giving me a reason to lay low (literally) and to feel the pain and let the wounds breathe without fear. What a gift indeed. 

So those four miles represent a physical healing of bones and ligaments, yes. But they also represent healing and overcoming a season which had had the intentions of breaking me. Four miles of moving, exploring, and being with beautiful souls. Of enjoying the sun and the storms in the distance. Of watching others and pulling my camera out again.

The beauty of this season is evident. And, I’m understanding and learning to see the beauty of the broken ones as well.

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And Now for Next Week

The theme is . . .

Anyone else shaking their heads and wondering where the summer/winter just went? How is it another semester is starting?

In honor of regathering (even if only on the inside), the theme for week relates to each of us.

For some, teaching involves those dear young bodies you have been entrusted with teaching.

For others, it involves those who will be teaching YOU a new language or a new assignment.

For all, it involves lessons our Heaven Father has for you in this season.

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