Have You Seen? {September 5th, 2021}

Last Week’s Theme: Women and Returning

A Hand to Hold by Sarah Hilkemann—”I’ve watched organizations and churches enthusiastically send out workers with commissioning services and prayer meetings, robust recruiting and clearly defined steps. It’s exciting to think about what the Father has in store as we set foot on the path of adventure, when everything is new and fresh.”

Connection Group Registration is Happening Soon! by Sarah Putman—”Connection Groups are online small groups for women living cross-culturally. These groups are led by women just like you. Some are currently living overseas. Some have returned “home” and continue to have the desire to connect with and support women in this cross-cultural life. All of these women have seen the value of connection and been willing to step up and lead.”

Beloved by Ruth Lemmen—”Hiking through the dunes to sit along Lake Michigan brought peace to my battered soul. Engaging in debriefing with a group and on my own helped me to start to name the identity shifts. Pastors—both male and female—listened to my story and heart and encouraged me to keep going. Going deeper with the Enneagram helped me identify more of how my self has adapted to life in ways that aren’t always helpful (like trying to control everything and be the best at things).”

In Returning and Rest by Alyson Rockhold—”As a cross-cultural worker, my work on the margins brings me close to the God who came to seek and save those on the margins. But I make a crucial mistake when I start to imagine that my work earns me that closeness with Christ. Because then when the work is taken away, I feel rudderless, purposeless, and seem to drift quickly from my Father.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

Two little pink lines.

A hospital in a foreign city.

The baby you’ll never get to meet.

The monthly reminder that feels like a dream broken and buried once again.

Infertility. Pregnancy overseas. Empty and aching arms. Miscarriage. Mothering expressions lived out no matter our life stage.

We know the topic of fertility might be painful for you as you grieve or wait or cling to hope. Perhaps you are a single woman watching your child-bearing years tick by, or you might be gazing down at your growing belly, more questions than answers filling your mind as you think about giving birth outside your passport country. You might be wrestling with sorrow over a loss, or shame for wanting to blame the place to which God called you.

This tender spot is the soil for rich conversations and honest stories. Your tears or your miracles or your tentative questions are welcome here this week.

Join us as we move through a series called “On Being a Woman” this month. Share on social media this week with the hashtag #VelvetAshesOnBeingaWoman or #VelvetAshesFertility.

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