Have You Seen? {September 6, 2015}

Welcome to Have You Seen?  We’ll review last week and share other posts from around the web. Enjoy rest and renewal while you cozy up for some soul-food reading.

Last Week’s Theme: Receive

The Big Steps, I Can Do. The Little Steps, Not So Much by Danielle Krouch — “My anxiety is a deep secret that I have held for years. I do not fear the big steps—moving across the world and saying good-bye to family, sure I can do that, no problem. But ask me to walk into a new place for the first time and I will internally freak out, procrastinating as long as possible, for months even. My fear has been so great at times that I have said no to some great possibilities and relationships.”

Why Your Name Matters by Amy Young — “‘But anything worth doing is worth failing at.’ Does this encourage you? It does me–not everything we’re going to try is going to succeed. We’ve had a few small fails recently at Velvet Ashes, if I’m honest. But this encourages me that failure is a part of being involved in ministry, relationships, life. Being willing to fail may be the entrance ticket to meaningful involvement.”

Stay Salty, My Friends by Lauren Pinkson — “So according to the books, I thought by 18 months into my life overseas, I would be good. G-O-O-D. But I woke up today and realized I’m not even fine. I’m kind of a wreck, actually.”

When Help Pains a Proud Heart by Malia Heil — “To accept help may feel like failure. It may be admitting insufficiency. It may even break our proud hearts. But why are we so deathly afraid of these emotions? We cower from transparency, as if our weaknesses will disappear if they are hidden. We ignore our shortcomings and broadcast our accomplishments, yet it is in only in our need that we can receive.”

When the Formula Fails {The Grove: Receive} by Kimberly Todd — “Live exemplary lives. Live exemplary lives. The stakes are high. ‘I am the only Jesus some people will ever see.’ It’s the pattern, the formula. And we labor under it. . . When the formula works, we get judgmental and contemptuous. Maybe that’s why eventually for every one of us it will fall apart. Then, we get the gospel.”

From Around the Web

Ask a counselor:  when the helper needs help — check out these emotional, physical, and behavioral symptoms for now or future reference.

Here’s an unofficial report from someone three weeks into being on the field after a year of language study.

Related to this week’s theme: One of the areas God seeks to grow us in is our capacity to be receptive toward him, and others.

Helping yourself stay spiritually healthy on the field — including a helpful list of questions. Here is a list of the Top 12 Stressors folks in our line of work face.

One of the Best Ways to Experience God When You Don’t Feel Like Praying.

Finally, a reminder that love is more than grand gestures (and that’s good news!)

And Now for Next Week

The Theme is…

connect 2

We’ve been working on asking and receiving. This week we’re going to talk about connecting (and Fall Connections Groups will launch on Tuesday evening at 6 p.m. EST! Mark your calendars!).

Sometimes, don’t you wish connecting was a once and done? But that’s not how God works. So this week we will look at connections to God, ourselves, others, the cultures we live in, the cultures we’re from. The power of “me too!” when connection happens and the disappointment and alienation when connection doesn’t happen.

What helps you connect? In this season, what’s hindering or messing with your ability to connect?

Please join us at The Grove beginning on Thursday, 6 pm US EST to share your own stories and insights as we gather around the theme of Connect.

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