Have You Seen? {September 8, 2019}

Last Week’s Theme: Niche

Five Lessons I’ve Learned from Connection Groups by Bayta Schwarz—”As we shared our stories, we bonded. There was such freedom to be real, to share the hard things about re-entry, as well as the hilarious stories. There was understanding and acceptance. There was laughter and there were tears. Feeling normal and understood was maybe the greatest gift these women gave me.”

Race, Culture and Language {Book Club} by Rachel Kahindi—”Each type of Cross-Cultural Kid (CCK) has specific experiences, but they have much in common with each other. Trevor Noah was also a CCK, and his story of finding his cultural identity is what sticks with me from this week’s reading in Born a Crime.”

A Seat At the Table by Sarah Hilkemann—”Velvet Ashes was like that great big table for me. I felt welcomed and invited into each blog post, into the comments as other women shared and encouraged. I found a spot in Book Club in a season when I needed to relax a little bit and just read for fun.”

The Season of Unfinished Things by Lilly—”So maybe I would feel more alive and be more efficient if I could write full time, meet with women every day, or if I didn’t have to spend as much time learning another language. Yet I both find life and give life when I give up my “rights” to efficiency and feeling alive. I find His life, because it is Jesus’ resurrection power enabling me to choose others.”

Giving Up and Leaning In {The Grove: Niche} by Maria Mullet—”There are few places on God’s green earth where I feel more fully alive than I can feel in a classroom. Don’t get me wrong, there are the days when I want to run far, far away, but on the whole, put a whiteboard marker in my hand, stand me up in front of a room of teenagers, and I feel at home. Knowing my niche gives me clarity and guidance. It helps me know who I am and who I am not.”

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And Now For Next Week

The theme is…

What’s the first question you get asked when you meet someone new where you live?

In my (Sarah) Southeast Asian home, it was usually, “How old are you?” followed right up with, “Are you married yet?” Now that I’m back in my passport country, I have to be careful not to lead with those questions.

We want you to know us, and you don’t even have to figure out what to ask! We are pulling back the curtain to let you get to know some of the people that make Velvet Ashes happen, from the writers who bring you great content each week, to those who interact with you on social media and those you might not even know exist.

And… we want to know you! It can be Friday Introductions all week on Instagram. Tell us who you are, your story or journey and use the hashtag #VelvetAshesIntroductions. Stay tuned for a super fun post at the end of the week too, just for you! It will be a party in the comments as you get to answer some awesome questions and learn more about your sisters in this community!

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