Announcing our first book …

OK ladies, we are jumping right in with both feet.

None of this “we’re going to start a book group … soon!” for us. Nope. Even though we have launched near the holidays when many people are super busy and the semester is nearly done, we can’t wait.

But we’re not insensitive to the real world either.

First book for club

With this in mind, our first book will be Ann Voskamp’s The Greatest Gift: unwrapping the full love story of Christmas. It’s a 24 day devotional, starting on December 1st. It’s available on kindle for a little over $9.00. I know cash can be tight, so if you’re not able to swing the book, still show up and participate in the discussion.

It’s a bold move, is it not, for the first book to be a devotional?!

But it’s about Jesus and our hope is that it can center us as a community in a season that can whisper (and scream) DO more, BUY more, REACH OUT more, CREATE MEMORIES more. And we forget it’s a love story … told for you. For us.

We’ll start discussing The Greatest Gift on December 3rd. In classic Ann Voskamp style, she has created a beautiful print out of 24 ornaments for a Jesse tree. You can download them by going here and entering JESSE.

November 26th will find us discussing devotionals – what do you think of them? Which would you recommend? So, get your thinking caps on and come back ready to share.

For those of you who are curious, January’s book is going to be a novel and we’ll have some non-fiction this spring.

Are you in? Anyone excited about this?



  1. Holly Dove November 18, 2013

    I’m in too! Just placed a hold on the book from our library!

    1. Amy Young November 18, 2013

      Holly, don’t you just love libraries!

  2. Danielle Wheeler November 18, 2013

    This book is one of the things I’ve been most excited about this Christmas season. To have all of you to discuss it with? Well, that’s double happiness. 🙂

    1. Amy Young November 18, 2013

      I know, right? I get so much more out of a book when I hear what others noticed or liked (or even didn’t like)

  3. Ashley November 18, 2013

    Anyone know how to get it in China? I know, I know, I’m waaaay behind times without an e-reader. Hopefully we’ll get one when we go home next. Until then…anyone?

    1. Rebekah November 18, 2013

      Have you ever heard of Book Depository? I have yet to use it, but know of friends who have. They ship worldwide and have a good selection, but I don’t know if they have this book specifically.

      1. Jennifer November 18, 2013

        They ship to lots of places… but not to China. So if that is where you are it is not helpful… But most other places in the world it is good. I have used it in the past.

    2. Kimberly Todd November 18, 2013

      Hi, Ashley. One option would be to put a free Kindle reading app on your computer. It could tide you over until you have a device. From Amazon’s home page mouse over “Kindle E-readers” in the left-hand column. Select “Free Kindle Reading Apps” from the Apps and Resources list. Proceed with your particulars. I look forward to reading this book alongside you.

      1. Ashley November 18, 2013

        Thanks, Kim. I forgot I have already downloaded the Kindle for PC. That’ll work for now! 🙂

  4. Rebekah November 18, 2013

    I’m in! I’ve always wanted to read an Ann Voskamp book, but never gotten around to it. What a great opportunity to do so now with others! great book choice, thank you!

    1. Amy Young November 18, 2013

      Glad that this scratches an itch 🙂

  5. Kimberly Todd November 18, 2013

    Got it. This will be my first Ann Voskamp (besides a blog post or two). Really looking forward to it.

    1. Amy Young November 18, 2013

      Kim I’ll be curious to hear what you think as we go along 🙂

      1. Kimberly Todd November 19, 2013

        Must admit, I’ve already read the front matter. =) Can’t let a new book sit for two weeks, nope nope nope. I see this colliding with some things I’ve been practicing. Hopes up high.

  6. Laura November 18, 2013

    I’m in!!

  7. Jessica Hoover November 18, 2013

    I’m beside myself with excitement about this. Can’t wait to jump in! Thanks for leading us Amy!

  8. Jennifer November 18, 2013

    I am in. I now love my kindle… I used to think I never wanted one.. I like reading “real” books… but living here away from great bookstores and meeting a friends kindle one day just over a year ago… converted me to the idea. Now I don’t know how I would be without it.

    1. Morielle November 18, 2013

      I’ve had a kindle for a year and half now. Same feeling as you before I got it! And same feeling after. What would I ever do if my kindle was lost or stolen?

    2. Carolyn November 19, 2013

      I’m in too! I’m with you, Jennifer – I used to think I’d never like a Kindle, but now I’m a huge fan… cheaper books, and I can read in bed without needing a light on (which is good for traveling when we’re all in one room and the kids are napping…). Looking forward to enjoying Ann V with you all!

  9. Amanda Grenz November 18, 2013

    I’m in! I’ve never been part of a book club before and I’m excited for this opportunity!

    1. Amy Young November 18, 2013

      Amanda, I hope the group won’t disappoint :)!!!!

    2. Carolyn November 19, 2013

      First book club for me too! 🙂

  10. Leah November 18, 2013

    Just bought it! 🙂

  11. Dana November 18, 2013

    I’m in. Love anything Ann Voskamp.

  12. Shelley November 19, 2013

    Definitely in! I’m super excited. 🙂

  13. Emily March November 21, 2013

    Ok. I’m in too! I just bought it. I’ve also never been part of a book club, but the idea has always fascinated me. 🙂 I am also extremely excited that it is a devotional – because (to be honest…) sometimes I just need that little extra push for personal devo time!

  14. Amy Young November 21, 2013

    Welcome Emily!! Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

  15. Sarah November 23, 2013

    I was just thinking today about how I’d like to do a Christmas devotional… and then found this tonight! I hope to be reading along.

  16. M'Lynn November 25, 2013

    Technology is not my friend today. This is the fourth time I have tried to comment! But, on the other hand, technology is great because I’m ready for book cluB thanks to my kindle.

    1. Kimberly Todd November 25, 2013

      I’ve lost a comment on a post here too. Thought it was me. Maybe it’s us…maybe there’s a kink?

  17. Jennifer November 25, 2013

    Glad that technology decided to finally like you and you are here. Welcome!

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